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Meet Prafull Billore who turned MBA Chaiwala from a discontinued MBA student

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Prafull Billore became an entrepreneur after dropping his passion for MBA . He now runs a popular tea business, MBA Chaiwala, which plans to start 100 outlets across the country.

Every kind of work, however small, should be respected and embraced with dignity. We don’t know when or where our lives will take a turn, and we just pursue the route we’ve never imagined, which eventually becomes our destiny. We are enthusiastic about something, and our lives are structured differently as a result. This is what happened to Prafull Billore, who abandoned his dream of earning an MBA to become a young entrepreneur.

Prafull Billore’s journey from a tiny hamlet in Madhya Pradesh, Dhar, to wealthy entrepreneur is an inspiration to all young people. During his MBA studies in 2017, he also worked a part-time job at McDonald’s to see how working out might benefit him for a low wage.

However, he recognized that if he continued working in this manner after getting his MBA, he would never be able to support himself, so he chose to discontinue his education and open a tea stand on the SG Highway in Ahmedabad.

Prafull had only left with Rs. 8000/- from his savings, which meant he couldn’t start a beverage or food company, thus the only alternative he had was to sell chai by the side of the road. Praful’s parents, like any other parents, were opposed to his choices and found it strange.

Neighbors and family always have their own way of criticizing, which Prafull didn’t mind.

He was simply following his heart and ignoring everything else. Prafull didn’t even know how to make a beautiful cup of tea in the beginning, and everything went wrong with him. All he learned was how to brew a great cup of coffee.

When he was conversing in fine English with his clients, they were amazed that a tea vendor could be that fluent in English. As a result, he gained a lot of notoriety, as well as a lot of business.

We all know that India is known as the “nation of tea,” and most Indians enjoy a cup of tea at any time of day.

Prafull Billore believes that tea is a business where you can see a success path in no time by taking inspiration from Chaayos and Chai Point, and he wants to attract clients who prefer to stay in cafes and converse for a while while having a cup of tea for Rs.40 or 50.

Prafull used to experiment with various approaches and styles at his café in order to interest clients and market his company.

He used to organize cricket tournaments and Ludo games, as well as set up a board where consumers could write comments and ideas.

This made them intriguing, and people enjoyed returning to them.

MBA Chaiwala quickly expanded its franchise across the country and became to become India’s second most popular tea business. To raise awareness of his chai, he began accepting marriage orders and attending political rallies. Prafull Billore arranged a free chai event on Valentine’s Day, when he gave free tea to all singles, which went viral and acquired global recognition.

Economic uplift programs for impoverished people, women’s empowerment, and fundraising social events and campaigns were all organized, and economic welfare initiatives were constantly supported.

MBA chaiwala is now focusing on and attempting to increase their business. After operating a highway shop for two years, Prafull began to grow its company by offering franchisees in other locations and opening a franchisee café in Bhopal.

Chaiwala now has 50 locations, and Prafull intends to open 100 more by the end of 2022. He wants to bring out many millionaires from tiny places who have always wanted to do something different.

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