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Meet R K Choudhary who bought his first car at 85 after his startup’s success

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Radha Krishan Choudhary and his wife Shakuntala launched an Ayurvedic startup at the age of 85. Avimee Herbal sells an ayurvedic hair oil that has no chemicals and consists of herbs that promote hair development.

An 85-year-old Gujarati entrepreneur revealed how he was able to buy his first automobile in his senior years because to the “overnight success” of his post-retirement start-up.

Avimee Herbal, founded in June 2021 by Radha Krishan Choudhary and his wife Shakuntala Choudhary, is an Ayurvedic hair care firm. After Choudhary’s business career ended, the elderly couple moved in with their daughter.

Instead of leaning back and resting after more than 50 years of hard work, Choudhary joined the burgeoning group of post-retirement entrepreneurs by starting his start-up. When his daughter complained about severe hair loss, he was inspired to start the hair care firm. Choudhary, popularly known as Nanaji, examined the variables that lead to hair loss and developed a proprietary blend of over 50 herbs for his hair oil.

His daughter, who is now a business partner, pushed him to find a cure for her severe hair loss. After nearly a year of investigation, he produced a blend of herbal oils that helped my daughter’s hair loss and texture.

In another video, he recounted how his business grew quickly, allowing him to buy his dream automobile at the age of 85. They established Avimee Herbal in less than six months and captured the hearts of people all around the world. They have a definite purpose in mind: to use Ayurveda to help people re-grow their hair.

Hard work and teamwork were the last two criteria that helped Choudhary’s start-up thrive, and he acknowledged the important role his family had in his success.

Avimee Herbal could not be stopped by the 85-year-old couple. The two founded the company to give toxin-free hair oil to aid folks living in cities with their problems.

Avimee Herbal, created by the 85-year-old couple, has offered many people with the right solution for a great hair day. Avimee Herbal products’ quality will never be compromised.

Avimee Herbal, which is chemical-free, is made with the best components. It is ayurvedic and consists of herbs that are beneficial for strengthening and growing hair.

Unlike many other parents who may counsel their children to use a certain brand of oil or to alter their diet, Radhakrishna went one step further and devised a solution. He started looking into the causes of hair loss and would spend hours examining each option. After studying and reading through numerous material, he became overwhelmed with treatments, masks, and lotions, but in the end, he chose to apply his knowledge and create his oil.

Shakuntala, his wife, joined him in his studies after being inspired by his determination during his travels. They were both completely immersed in their inquiry. Avimee Herbal was created after the elderly couple tested it on themselves for three months. The revelation was incredible. The hair oil was then distributed to close friends and relatives to improve output.

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