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Meet the Top 7 Event Management Companies In India 2023

Since the 1990s, India’s events management sector has been flourishing, with a market size of INR 28 billion in 2012 and a forecast income of INR 100 billion in FY2021. Forecasts show that the events management industry will grow by 20% over the next few years, after increasing by 16% year after year since 2002. If you have forthcoming events such as birthday parties, athletic events, events, business events, and weddings, our greatest Event Management Companies in India 2023 list has the greatest alternatives for you. We will help you select the best event management firms.


Sercon firm, located in Bangalore, is a leading event management firm in India. They’ve held a variety of events, including corporate films, conferences, visual, audio, and laser displays, and product launches. Event management is the process of organising and coordinating all components of an event, such as a business conference, wedding, or music festival. Sercon Company provides a variety of services, including design, marketing, and event planning and coordination. They have planned a wide range of events, such as weddings, business conferences, and music festivals. They also provide event consulting and training to ensure that event organisers get the most out of their knowledge.

Showtime Group

Over the last five years, Showtime has received honours such as PINNACLE, WOW, EEMAX, and GALA. Their job expertise may be found in conferences, road shows, product debuts, sports, exclusive events, television, and other venues around the industry. Their competence rests in doing the impossible, overcoming operational problems, and planning large-scale events. They have collaborated with some of the country’s most well-known businesses and events.

360-degree events

In India, 360DegreeEvents is a full-service event planning firm. It provides full-service event planning for congresses, business-to-business trade exhibits, conferences, seminars, TV specials, movie award shows, press conferences, and promotions for brands, goods, customers, merchants, and rural regions. 360 Degree Event Management Private Limited was founded on December 26, 2013, with a paid-up capital and authorised share capital of Rs. 100,000. They engage in sports and other leisure activities.

Tafcon Group

Tafcon Group, situated in Delhi, organises worldwide events such as business conferences and exhibits. They have over 10 years of expertise in the sector and work closely with their clients to satisfy their specific requirements. TAFCON seeks to help India reach new heights by facilitating technology transfer and encouraging intra- and interregional commerce. Several of TAFCON’s global events are supported by state and federal government ministries, making them a watershed moment for historical and cultural fairs.

Wow Events

WOW Events Private Limited is a non-governmental organisation based in New Delhi, India that was formed on October 10, 2008. Even though it is a private, unlisted firm, it is classified as a public corporation. WOW Events SA Ltd. is based in New Delhi and offers the WOWe experience to audiences and brands. They’ve collaborated with some of the largest business companies and participated in high-profile events including the Anoushka Shankar Project and the HT City Fashionista Project. The Wow event has recently built a reputation for itself with multiple successful item delivery. Organisations such as Hitachi, Jaypee Concrete, G Five, Orient Fans, and Ultra Tech Concrete use the Wow event to submit their articles.

Fountainhead MKTG

MKTG is a global community marketing leader that pioneered live retail marketing, events, and B2B interactions. It employs over 1,300 people and has 7,000 brand ambassadors scattered over 29 offices in 16 countries. Through live events, sports sponsorship, retail marketing, hospitality and B2B interaction, MKTG seeks to deliver top-tier companies with unique and emotionally resonant life experiences. Fountainhead Entertainment was acquired by Dentsu Aegis in mid-October and currently includes five brands: Oranjuice Entertainment, Fountainhead Events, Fountainhead Activations, Fountainhead Digital, and Fountainhead Corporate Journeys. Am Mortmarketing is mirrored on all fronts, particularly philosophically, technically, and locally, by providing one-of-a-kind services to individuals all over the world.

E Factor

E Factor Event Management is one of India’s leading event organisers. It specialises in delivering cutting-edge, modern, and unique events that complement its inventive narrative approach. It was created in 2000-2001 by members of the entertainment and events industries. The company is well-known for its excellent configurations and shapes, as well as its dedicated customer service. They offer full solutions for both business and social gatherings. There has been a fantastic adventure spanning 20 years, 19 countries, over 816 events, and 132 prizes. The company is one of India’s top ten event management organisations.


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