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Meet the Trio from Chandigarh Who is Helping Farmers with a Stubble-Powdering Machine

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A Chandigarh-based business named GFF Innovations has created a device called “Moksh” that can collect farm waste and grind it into a powder that can be used as an alternate fuel for boilers and a mortar for constructing bricks.

The co-founders of GFF Innovations, Varinder Singh, Nitin Kumar Saluja, and Vilas Chhikara, have developed a device called “Moksh” that can pick up farm waste and turn it into powder, which can after that be used as a substitute fuel for boilers and a binding agent for making bricks in response to the issues that farmers are facing.

Bundling is another option that Varinder, Nitin, and Vilas have looked at; it costs Rs 1,000 per acre on a farm.

In 2018, the trio co-founded GFF Innovations and developed a device they dubbed Moksh. It is connected to the tractor and is powered by a generator set.

The processing unit contains a device that takes up the residue and transfers it there to be dewatered and silica removed.

To dewater the agricultural waste, which contained 80% water, Nitin created a standalone solution. They used the flash dry method to resolve this problem, which employs radiation to completely dry out the water and lower the quantity of silica in the final product.

Nitin continues by stating that Chitkara University conducted the research for the technology. Although the three first intended to sell the machine to farmers, they were unable to do so because of its expensive manufacture.

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