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Microsoft to add AI to Paint and Photos in Windows 11

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Microsoft is adding AI to Windows 11 Paint and Photos to improve user experience and productivity. The Photos app recognizes people and objects, while the Snipping Tool recognizes text in screenshots. The Camera app will employ OCR, while the Paint app will let users build canvas based on criteria.

According to reports, Microsoft is putting new artificial intelligence (AI) elements into Windows 11 programs like Paint and Photos. By incorporating AI capabilities into these well-known applications, the business hopes to improve user experience and efficiency.

According to reports, the business is working on an AI capability for the Photos app that would enable it to identify people or objects in photographs. According to Windows Central, this capability will allow users to easily copy and paste the detected pieces into other places.

The tech giant is also investigating how optical character recognition (OCR) technology may be included into the Snipping Tool. This upgrade would enable Windows to recognize text included inside screenshots, enabling quicker clipboard copying.

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The Camera app, which enables users to pick and interact with text existing in photographs taken by the device, is predicted to use the same OCR technology.

The firm intends to include a feature that will allow users to ask for the development of a canvas based on predetermined criteria in the Windows 11 Paint program. It is anticipated that this function will be driven by Bing technology, which is also the same technology behind Bing Image Creator.

According to sources, Microsoft is currently exploring methods to smoothly incorporate AI capabilities into Windows programs, so these AI-driven concepts may still be in the experimental stage.

The tech behemoth published “Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23516” to the Dev Channel earlier this month. This update enhanced the screen-casting process and included support for HDR backdrops. Microsoft also made voice access support start automatically when the PC is turned on.

A function known as “Adaptive Dimming” was added for devices equipped with presence sensors capable of attention detection. Based on the user’s gaze, this function intelligently changes screen brightness, reducing the display when the user looks away and restoring it when they glance back.


Microsoft is integrating AI elements into Windows 11 programs like Paint and Photos to enhance user experience and efficiency. The Photos app will enable users to identify people or objects in photographs, while the Snipping Tool will use optical character recognition (OCR) technology for quicker clipboard copying. The Camera app will use OCR technology to interact with text in photographs. The Paint program will include a canvas development feature driven by Bing technology. Microsoft is exploring ways to seamlessly integrate AI into Windows programs, and these AI-driven concepts may still be in the experimental stage. The Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23516 has enhanced screen-casting, HDR backdrops, voice access support, and “Adaptive Dimming” for devices with attention detection sensors.

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