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Corset trend has been sweeping Bollywood: Mira Rajput spotted in the chic style

Mira Rajput is one of the celebrity wives in the Bollywood landscape who always creates a buzz among fashionistas. The fashion icon was spotted donning the chic and figure-flattering piece of apparel called a Corset. many of the industry’s top ladies have of lately been seen wearing this sculpted body corset trend either as shapewear or the main look.

Let’s break down the corset look for you, which might help you if you are aiming for Victorian elegance or modern glamourous statements with corsets.

What Is a Corset all about?

Corsets have evolved into a fashionable outerwear piece, adding a touch of vintage elegance to modern attire. Traditionally a corset is a close-fitting undergarment, often laced, designed to slim the waist exaggerate the hips and bust and support the torso. It creates an hourglass silhouette. They can be over-bust or under-bust, with less and more extreme curves worn over or under the clothes, alone or as other clothing items.

While Victorian women originally hated them, due to their stiffened fabric with boning, the modern and redefined version makes the women more confident and comfortable. Today’s version of corset varies in fabrics (lace, silk, leather, satin mesh, cotton), shapes, fit (lace-up, zip-up, or have hook and eye closures), colours, and patterns, often adorned with modern details such as beads, rhinestones, studs, chains and spikes. Corsets are usually worn with a camisole or undershirt underneath to absorb perspiration.

Types of Corsets based on length

  1. Underbust Corset
  2. Waspie
  3. Training/ Cinchers Corset
  4. Overbust Corset
  5. Cupped and Lingerie Corset
  6. Mid – Bust- Bustier
  7. Corselette
  8. Corset Dress
  9. Corset Belt

Types of Corsets based on Time

  • Victorian
  • Renaissance Corset
  • Edwardian Corset
  • Steampunk Corset
  • Gothic Corset

Tips to Choose the Right Corset 

There are different types of corsets available on the racks, so it becomes crucial to choose the right style for your body and preferences. Consider the following before buying:

  1. Your natural curves and body type
  2. The level of comfort you desire 
  3. The event or occasion 
  4. Functionality you require like extra support for your bust or waste reduction
  5. A fabric that suits your style preferences, climate, and level of comfort. 
  6. Factors such as breathability, flexibility, and durability.
  7. Your price range. 

 Final words:

With their rich history and evolving designs, corsets seamlessly blend tradition with modern fashion. Their ability to provide support, enhance curves, and add a touch of elegance ensures that corsets remain a timeless and enduring staple in wardrobes around the world.


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