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In 2021, things seemed a little more lively. It became a year where people could reconnect with their passion, thanks to the miracles of covid-19 vaccinations. The world of music began to come back to life as concerts resurfaced and new independent performers rose to prominence. In the midst of all of this, a newcomer- Bombay Music Co. was gearing up for the release of its first record- ‘Ajnabi’- a beautiful song that conveys the concept that love is forged through experience rather than fairy dust. This year’s romance charts will undoubtedly be dominated by this debut, which will touch your heart and take you to another world.

Akanksha Sinha, an aspiring and passionate singer, has a euphonious voice that puts one in awe and astonishment. Her studies were her priority at IIT, but music always held a special place in her heart. However, as we all know, fate has its own plans. At the same time, Bombay Music Co. was on the lookout for great musicians across India, and Akanksha happened to be one of them. Her life was transformed by a stroke of luck, and she is now the first singer on the debut album of this music label.

The pandemic has turned our lives into a virtual fest. However, it has increased social media’s power by thrice. The majority of Bombay Music’s auditions were conducted over WhatsApp and Zoom calls as the company searched for India’s hidden gems. In truth, singer Akanksha Sinha and the founder of this brand have only met once so far. Their team must be made up of incredibly hardworking individuals who have orchestrated this miracle. The song’s composer Vivart and Lyricist Vishwadeep Zeest have crafted an impeccable melody through a beautiful story. Their commitment to enhance the song and make it fruitful is commendable.

Delving into the tale and making of Ajnabi, two individuals meet and fall in love, only to know that destiny will separate them to become strangers again. The lyrics let you believe in love in an uncomplicated, yet easily lovely tune. The complete crew of 20+ individuals worked in the frigid temperatures of Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, to create the most beautiful music you will ever hear. The challenges were endless, but their commitment to making history was unwavering.

The Bombay Music Co. team is ecstatic and overjoyed to have launched Ajnabi as their debut entry into the world of music. Be a part of this magical melody and show them your unwavering support.


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