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Nail Art Group on Facebook is largest group for Nail Art Lovers

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Nail Art is a creative technique used by those who love to design, paint, and beautify their nails. Times Applaud’s Nail Art Group is Facebook’ largest group for nail art lovers.

Nail art has today become a means of expressing yourself via fashion, colours, and forms.  It also signifies one’s departure from the influence of their parents to forge their own identity as a teen or adult in the world. Nail art may be utilised to conceal any flaws in your nails. It’s a fantastic method to express oneself. Manicure paint patterns are a great method to experiment with different beauty colours without having to visit a nail salon.

Nail art which is a part of the beauty and personal care industry is a rapidly growing field. According to a new research report, the global nail care market is estimated to be worth just under $21 million by 2027, rising at an 8.4% annual pace from 2019 to 2027.

A leading digital marketing agency of India, Times Applaud, understands the importance of nail art very well. The company has hence created its Nail Art group on Facebook, which  has now become the social media giant’s largest group. The group called ‘Nail Art Group‘ was created on July 3, 2020, and has succeeded in reaching 1.5 million members so far.

The group has a unique tagline that reads: Make a style statement with Nail Art.Nail art has been increasingly popular in recent years, and design trends have developed.

Because your art style is personal and subjective, there are no colours or designs that are officially “in” or “out,” but there are a few interesting looks you can attempt this summer.

Every nail does not have to be the same design. Dare to be unusual by using various designs on each nail to create a cohesive effect. Adding an additional design to the “party nail,” or ring finger, is still popular. Embellished French manicures put a unique spin on a traditional appearance by adding a line of colour under the white tip. Swirls may be done in a variety of hues, including bright, neutral, and monotone.Stripes, diamonds, gems, charms, polka dots, and marble designs have replaced plain summer flowers in the nail painting game. Almost anything goes, so use your imagination and have fun trying out unique manicure designs.

And if you are a nail art lover you can share your work and design and discuss all your queries with the members of Times Applaud’s Nail Art Group on Facebook. The company created it as a Public group that allows anyone to see who’s in it and what they post. The most important thing is that anyone can find it as it is a visible group. Admin of Nail Art Group is Taushif Patel & Lucky managed by Nikki Nevarez (Group Creator) Moderator are Kerrie Humm, Danielle Faber, Laura-Jill Goldwyn & Robyn Anna.

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