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Natureland Organics: Revolutionizing Organic Farming in India

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‘Farm to Fork’ – brother turned founders duo Ajeet and Arvind Godara truly believed in this ideology when they started growing organic crops back in 2002. Agriculturist Godara brothers were rooted into the soil. By working closely with farmers, they understood the hazards of conventional farming.

Rooted in Soil

The Godara brothers recognised the practical issues the Indian agriculture sector undergoes. The rapidly changing climate, concerns regarding diminishing soil health and food safety, changing demand of food, and increasingly rising farming cost led Godara brothers to find a solution to help farmers. They knew that the future of cultivation in India is organic farming.

Established with an aim to assist the farmer communities in India and improve the farming yield, Natureland Organics motivates and educates farmers about the advantages of shifting towards organic farming. The two fresh-out-of-college graduates never looked back since their organic food brand Natureland Organics took off back in 2006.

Educating Farmers About Organic Farming

Today, the company offers certification courses on organic farming to the farmers and thus ensures a seamless supply chain of good-quality organic goods. Furthermore, by paying farmer partners prices well above the market range, Natureland Organics makes agriculture a viable option for them. It takes 3 years to convert a conventional farm to a certified organic one. Experts at Natureland Organics work closely with the farmers throughout the process of converting.

Business Involvement

The company focuses on avoiding the use of chemical/synthetic products such as fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, feed additives, etc. in its produces. Inspired by the overwhelming number of positive responses received from the users of their brand, Ajeet and Arvind Godara took the plunge to expand commercially.

Natureland Organics began its B2B business with their seed division that primarily delivers organic seeds to the farmers. Its success drove the company to venture into the B2C retail market in 2015. Currently, Natureland Organics is working with over 15,000 farmers across India in 35,000+ acres of farmland, has over 10,000 retail outlets across the country and more than 3 state-of-the-art processing units.

Wide Array of Products

Presently, Natureland Organics offers over 170 products that includes a variety of cereals, dry fruits, flour, juices, pulses, rice, spices, tea, and other condiments. The brand also offers specialty products such as A2 Premium Ghee, Whole Wheat Flour, and oils such as Coconut Oil, Groundnut Oil, Mustard Oil, and Sesame Oil, among others through online marketplaces like Amazon, retail outlets, and franchise centers.

Quality Control is the Key

Natureland Organics heavily focuses on delivering high-quality products to its customers. Therefore, quality consciousness and assurance is an invaluable part of its operations. Natureland Organics works closely with NABL accredited and internationally acclaimed laboratories like Europhins, Environocare, Microchem Silliker, and TUV for testing. Every product, every grain undergoes multiple levels of quality checks to ensure only the best quality products reach the customers. The company ensures to meet the standard requisites set by FSSAI, Tea Board, ISO, BRC Food, India Organic, Ministry of MSME, Spices Board of India, and USDA Organic.

In A Nutshell

Natureland Organics is bridging the gap between farmers and end-users with a vision to deliver healthy organic food at affordable cost. The company is working tirelessly toward their mission to promote sustainable livelihood for small and marginal farmers, build a robust and sustainable organic produce value chain management. They live by their motto of delivering ‘Good Food for Everyone Viable’. www.naturelandorganics.com


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