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NEET PG 2022 Aspirants say they will have to surrender medical degrees

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Aspirants of National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) PG 2022 want the exams to be postponed. Doctors say that they will have to surrender their medical degrees to the government.

Aspirants for the National Eligibility Cumulative Entrance Test (NEET) PG 2022 have submitted a letter to President Ram Nath Kovind requesting that the tests be postponed.

They have stated that the NEET PG counselling 2021 is not yet complete, and that the test for the next year would commence soon.

While the application forms are now available, doctors who passed the NEET PG 2021 test claim that if they wait until the NEET PG 2021 counselling is over, they will lose the opportunity to apply for the NEET PG 2022. Doctors claim they will be forced to hand over their prestigious medical degrees to the government.

They also stated in the letter that the exam bodies are harassing them and that there is no one to show empathy or compassion to them.

The NEET PG 2022 exam is set to take place on May 21. NEET PG is an entrance test for postgraduate medical education. The admission test is open to practicing doctors and recent MBBS graduates.

The letter continues, “We selected this profession to serve our country and people; little did we anticipate that we would be hounded by exam bodies like this. We are being mentally tortured by the NMC (National Medical Council) and the NBE (National Board of Examination) as a result of their mishandling.”

We are not at fault, but we are suffering as a result of the chaotic bodies such as the NMC and NBE “it went on to say

As many as 5000 interns are disqualified to take the exam because they served during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, the National Medical Commission (NMC) requires a reasonable amount of time between one session’s counselling and the following exam. This year, though, is not one of them, as the students  say counseling will end on May 3 and the exam will be held on May 21, leaving a small gap between the two, which is “unfair.”

They also stated that the last year’s exam counselling schedule was revised seven times this year.

“According to NMC policy, there must be a sufficient space between Counselling of one session and the next examination.”

However, this year’s all-India counselling will complete on May 3, 2022, and state counselling will begin, which may last till the middle or end of the year. The exam is set for May 21, just a few days after All India Counselling concludes.

This is clearly unfair,” the letter stated, adding that NMC is “adamant” about not modifying the exam date because the academic term is set to begin in August. They also stated that postponing the exam till July will not have any impact on the academic term.

According to the letter, “Because of the insufficient time gap, we are unsure if we should attend counseling or prepare for the exam. Whatever occurs in our lives as a result of any drastic decisions made out of depression and helplessness, NMC must bear sole responsibility.”


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