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Neha Mujawdiya built Rs.22lac startup TutorCabin for affordable coaching in villages

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A Madhya Pradesh woman formed a startup for affordable coaching in villages. Neha Mujawdiya’s startup TutorCabin now clocks a Rs. 22 lac turnover.

Neha Mujawdiya, of Madhya Pradesh’s Melkheda village, had a strong desire to make coaching affordable for the rural people. This prompted Mujawdiya to launch TutorCabin, a startup that offers affordable coaching to people in villages.

Neha did her MBA and ACA from Indore after graduating near her village, but her family insisted she return home.

“Because of how people would mock my family for sending me alone to the city,” she explains, “my parents would always keep urging me to return.”

Neha noticed that parents spend enormous sums of money on coaching classes for their children, yet the results are poor.

According to Neha, there is a lack of quality in coaching programmes, which causes pupils to find lectures uninteresting.

Neha also realised that kids in small towns are not privileged to have such access to resources that aid in better education, and not everyone can relocate to cities due to financial restraints or the traditional shame of sending girls to school and work alone.

Neha says study resources should go to rural places, if village children can’t go out to study. That is what led her to launch TutorCabin in October 2018 after a few years of experience and research in coaching kids.

She started TutorCabin with Rs. 25,000 that she earned by giving private tuitions.

TutorCabin is an online platform for “full education solutions,” which not only connects teachers and students, but also trains teachers before they begin tutoring at TutorCabin.

Students are also given many tests to determine their interests and abilities, after which they are allocated professors based on their results.

TutorCabin has employed 1500 teachers and coached thousands of students in India as well as a few cities in other countries such as the United States.

So far, online lessons are provided in locations such as Bhopal, Indore, and surrounding Madhya Pradesh cities.

Coaching is provided for free

Neha, in addition to having a low-cost coaching business, offers free English language classes to anyone who is interested.

She stated that English is an international language and that it is a hurdle for pupils from small towns.

The free coaching assists pupils in gaining confidence and excelling in their lives.

Thousands of students have attended the course so far, and they are excelling in their studies and vocations.

Apart from free spoken English classes, Neha Mujawdiya also offers free coaching to youngsters who have lost their parents as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, and has served over 150 pupils across India.

Changes in societal attitudes

While Neha’s parents previously succumbed to societal pressure and attempted to bring her back home, they are now immensely proud of her accomplishments.

Many girls in my area and nearby communities are able to further their education as a result of my efforts.”

Honors and recognition

TutorCabin was named one of the top 60 companies by Kuberans House and received $ 5000 in prize money.

Furthermore, IIM Bangalore recognised it as the top edutech startup and a ‘need for society.’

Moreover, it has been chosen by the Government of India and the India SME Forum to help enhance the Indian education system and provide quality education.

Neha Mujawdiya, says, this fiscal year, TutorCabin has generated more than Rs. 22 lakh in revenue, but what makes her happy is that she can reach out to many students with better coaching services and resources even in rural places.

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