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Netizens Slam Sana Khan’s Husband Over Iftar Party Incident, But Here’s What Really Happened

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During the month of Ramadan, everyone in Bollywood looks forward to an event when practically all of the superstars would be seen together. This is Baba Siddiqui’s Iftar celebration, which took place yesterday night. Now, videos and photos of celebrities like Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan from this party are becoming popular on social media.

Among all of these pleasant films, one video became viral that made people’s blood boil. Former actress Sana Khan is seen in this video being dragged by her husband Mufti Anas. The actress, on the other hand, is unable to walk owing to her pregnancy. People were shocked to see this footage of the actress’s spouse Anas. The situation became so serious that Sana Khan herself had to clarify her husband.

This Iftar party’s videos were widely circulated on social media. In which all of the celebrities pose for the paparazzi. Meanwhile, Sana Khan and her husband Anas may be seen in a video. Sana is pregnant, and her baby bulge is apparent despite her burqa. Sana and Anas did not pause when they entered the Iftar celebration, but instead continued straight. Anas is seen here drawing Sana closer and closer. While the distraught actress declares that she is unable to go.

People are becoming outraged in this video because they observe Sana Khan running in company of her husband in spite of being exhausted and out of breath.

People are deceiving Sana’s spouse. Because such treatment of a pregnant lady is inhumane. On the other side, many people here are sympathetic to Sana’s situation and are lecturing her uncooperative spouse.

When the video went viral and Sana’s husband became the troll’s target, she clarified and defended him. Sana and Anas were in a car with the driver when they lost communication. Sana couldn’t stand for long, so Anas wanted to get her inside as soon as possible. Sana merely advised Anas to walk swiftly since she doesn’t want anyone to take this problem too seriously.

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