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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Meet 100 Years Old Dr. Howard Tucker, The “World’s Oldest Practicing Doctor”

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In the modern times, our lives have become so hectic that we are not able to live a healthy lifestyle because of which immunity system is getting weaker and we are falling ill regularly. However, today we are going to introduce you to Dr. Howard Tucker who is a famous neurologist by profession but what makes him special is the fact that he is 100 yrs old and he is the oldest living medical practitioner of the world.

Recently in an interview, Dr. Howard Tucker has revealed some rules which need to be followed if a person wants to live a long life. He was born in 1922 and at that time, the average life expectancy for men in USA was 58 years and for women, it was 61 years.

Dr. Howard Tucker states that good genes and luck certainly play an important role in living a long life but if a person really wants to live a healthy life, he has to inculcate discipline and no-excess rule in lifestyle. While we see youngsters hoping to get retire early in order to live a good life, Dr. Tucker who has been practicing for the last 75 years is determined to continue his practice till he lives and even during pandemic, he didn’t stop treating patients but he did take a break when things went out of hand.

Dr. Howard Tucker says that he was tempted to smoke in his young days but when his father told him about the ill-effects of smoking, he decided to never indulge in smoking. Though he doesn’t have processed food and fried food items yet occasionally, he does consume martini and steak and he credits his wife (a practicing psychiatrist) for making healthy food with good taste.

Dr. Tucker has a daily regime of walking, swimming, jogging and hiking which have helped him in maintaining good health. Everyone should follow his advice for living a healthy and long life.

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