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New iPhone 13 to launch on 14th September but why is Apple so costly?

A new iPhone is expected to be launched soon, which like all Apple products carries an expensive price tag. But, the big question is why is Apple so costly?.

The tech world is expecting Apple to debut its new iPhone 13 on September 14. You may buy the device after that date at a price starting at $699. 

Apple products, such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac, or iPod, are widely acknowledged to be the most costly toys on the market when compared to Windows or Android devices with comparable capabilities.

Furthermore, the list does not stop with devices. Apple is also a leader in mobile applications, storage services, and televisions. This allows them to remain at the top while producing billions of dollars in income each year

Here are a few reasons why Apple is so costly.

Apple sells status not just products 

The topmost reason why Apple is so costly, is that the products that the company sells are viewed as status symbols. 

The iPhone costs more than most smartphones on the market. It’s easy to think, that the owner of the device has a high net worth and income, if it’s an iPhone. 

The brand and reputation that Apple has

Because of the US tech giant’s brand and reputation, Apple can charge a premium for its high-end products. Over the years, the US tech behemoth has earned a reputation for product quality and industrial design. This reputation has resulted in millions of satisfied customers.

There’s a thing called ‘Apple Tax”

Those in the Apple ecosystem are accustomed to paying more. Prices can seem odd at times. This is referred to as the Apple tax. During a 2019 event, Apple disclosed a $ 5,000 Mac Pro display and its stand, both of which will be offered for $1,000. The payment of these premium amounts is part of Apple’s tax plan. 

Another type of Apple tax can be seen in how they handle storage. The more the accessible storage space, the more expensive the device. This price rises and reaches exorbitant levels for Apple Macs.

Apple uses its own software 

The company’s devices employ only Apple software. This is one of the most noticeable differences between Apple iPhones and Android phones. The similar distinction may be made between MacBooks and Windows laptops.

Every time Apple updates or upgrades their software, they must create new OS versions from scratch. This is in contrast to Android phones and Windows devices, which receive ready-made operating systems from Google and Microsoft, respectively. Android and Windows device makers, as well as Apple, must include the cost of software in the final market price when selling their products.

Apple prioritizes quality

When questioned why Apple products are so expensive, Apple CEO Tim Cook underlined that the company always prioritisesquality over pricing.

Apple does not wish to prioritise cheap over quality. This is one of the numerous reasons their customers regard Apple so highly.

Apple prioritises its “magical” products above all else, which means that any device you purchase from Apple will be well worth the price owing to its high quality. Cook stated that Apple is unwavering in its commitment to creating high-quality products that are more than just about price and usefulness.

Employees are some of Apple’s most valuable resources

One of the main reasons why Apple is so costly is that employees are some of the tech giant’s most valuable resources. As a result, guaranteeing a high ROI on staff entails acquiring the market’s best product engineers, graphic design engineers, quality control specialists, product design engineers, marketing professionals, and management personnel. Compensating these professionals is also quite costly. This is eventually what you have to pay for when you buy Apple devices.

Apple is currently planning a September 14 event, which is almost certainly going to be the unveiling of the iPhone 13. The company has stated that its next event will begin at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. BST (3am AEST on September 15). With the brand loyalty that Apple enjoys, they worked out how to convert existing customers into a new market base for further products.

For the last few months, rumours about the iPhone 13 have been circulating from a variety of sources.

Here are some of the new device’s rumoured features:

Price starts at $699 / £699 – Two new colours are possible. – Camera upgrade – The most significant camera improvement for Pro – Pros have a smooth-scrolling screen. – A15 chipset, which is new and powerful – More storage and bigger batteries for all model.


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