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Nitin Gadkari stresses on flex fuel engine, fuel cost will be only Rs 60-62 per liter

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Nitin Gadkari has stressed on the use of green technology in vehicles and agri-tech. He also plans to make flex-fuel engines mandatory in the days to come.

Nitin Gadkari, the Transport Minister of India, has emphasized the usage of ethanol in automobiles as a cost-effective and pollution-free alternative to other fuels on Thursday.

In the coming days, he continued, engines that run on flex-fuel would be made necessary.

Gadkari referenced a Russian technology that can equalise the calorific value of gasoline and ethanol while speaking at a Maharashtra State Cooperative Bank event here.

If this happens, all petrol stations in western Maharashtra, which is a large sugarcane belt, could be replaced by ethanol pumps, according to the road transport and roads minister.

The minister encouraged the state administration to allow 100% ethanol auto-rickshaws in western Maharashtra, pointing out that there are currently three ethanol pumps in Pune.

In particular, as part of its goal to attain 20% doping by 2025, the national government increased the price of ethanol extracted from sugarcane for blending in petrol by much to Rs 1.47 per litre for the 2021-22 marketing year beginning in December. Increased ethanol blends in gasoline will help India reduce its oil import cost while also benefiting sugarcane farmers and sugar mills.

Gadkari spoke about his recent meeting with representatives from Kirloskar and Toyotai, saying, “They have prepared cars with flex (flexible) engines.” The term “flex engine” refers to a vehicle that runs entirely on gasoline or ethanol. This is based on Euro 6 standards. I will make flex engines compulsory.”

He spoke in a lighter vein when he said, “Don’t make use of petrol.You don’t have to stage protests over rising fuel prices. Ethanol would be available at the price of Rs 62 and it will be an import alternative, cost-effective, and pollution-free. Fuel costs have risen dramatically in recent months, eliciting a strong response from the opposition parties.”

Gadkari emphasised the need of green technology in automobiles, stating that he will be driving a green hydrogen car in Delhi.

He went on to say that if the cooperative sector adopts green hydrogen technology before the corporate sector, the latter will profit.

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