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No one charged after 3 wounded at Tennessee Titanic museum

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No one was charged after three visitors were wounded at the Titanic Museum Attraction earlier this month.

The guests were injured after a wall of ice at the Tennessee museum collapsed, according to a news release on Aug 4.

The collapse was unintentional, according to the police in Pigeon Forge.

John Joslyn and Mary Kellogg Joslyn said on the Facebook page of the museum that the injured visitors were brought to a hospital with unidentified wouns.

The owners of the museum sairemarked, “We would never have predicted such an occurrence, without mentioning the safety of our guests and crews.”

After the collapse, the ship-formed museum closed down but on August 3rd, it reopened according to a post.

The owners claimed the area damaged is blocked and it is estimated that the iceberg wall is being reconstructed for at least four weeks.

The attraction was opened in 2010 by Cedar Bay Untertainment.

In Branson, Missouri, the company maintains another Titanic museum.

Guests are issued boarding cards with the names of genuine passengers or crew members who had sunk on the British liner during their first trip to the iceberg in 1912.

According to the webpage of the sightseeing destination, visitors can examine more than 400 Titanic artefacts, shovel “chalk,” or water at 28 degrees through self-led tours.

TITANIC PIGEON FORGE is the biggest TITANIC MUSEUM ATTRACTION in the world. The museum was built to tell the stories of and remember the Titanic, its crew and passengers.

Visitors  can see more than 400 Titanic artifacts and shovel “coal” in the ship’s boiler  room, according to

the attraction’s website. The artifacts are worth over  $4.5 million. Visitors can walk the million dollar exact replica of the ship’s grand staircase.  They can also feel an iceberg as well as 28-degree water through self-guided tours.Visitors can also learn the way an SOS distress signal is sent and feel the Sloping Decks of the Titanic’s stern while she was  descending. There are a lot of other things to experience at the museum.

You can even listen to true passenger stories, while you are sitting in a lifeboat.

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