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Norovirus hits Kerala: What is it and how dangerous is it?

Vomiting and diarrhea are the main indications of Norovirus. According to the World Health Organisation, all year more than 680 million persons fall prey to norovirus.

The norovirus has infected 19 schoolchildren in Kerala’s Ernakulam district. It has even infected the parents of some of the youngsters. The major symptoms of this virus are vomiting and diarrhoea.

Conferring to the World Health Organization, more than 680 billion individuals are diseased with norovirus each time.

Do you know how serious this infection is? What causes it to spread? What is the therapy for it?

The norovirus illness has resurfaced in Kerala. 19 children have been found sick with norovirus in a school at Kakkanad in Ernakulam area here.

After 19 children were afflicted with norovirus, classes for pupils in grades one through five were created online.  The local government has begun working on ways to prevent the virus from spreading.

A day earlier, the district’s senior medical officer reported that norovirus symptoms had been discovered in 62 kids and several parents, with samples from two of them submitted to the lab for testing.

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