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Northern Railway: You can now change a name on reserved rail ticket easily; Here’s how

Northern Railway (NR) has recently implemented changes to simplify the process of changing the name on a reserved train ticket. These changes include the relaxation of certain rules, making the process less cumbersome for passengers. Railway officials at almost every station of the Northern Railway (NR), including major stations like Prayagraj Sangam and several minor stations under its jurisdiction like Phaphamau and Phulpur in Prayagraj, are now authorized to accept applications for travel tickets and verify necessary documents.

The individual has been granted authorisation to modify and alter the name. In breaking news, sources report that a name change can be made within a 24-hour window. Further details are yet to be confirmed.

According to officials, the monitoring and checking of touts and middlemen will be intensified to prevent them from exploiting these exemptions. As per the revised policy, the Indian Railways will now allow passengers to change the name on their confirmed ticket within a span of 24 hours, provided they make a request for the same.

In a recent letter issued by the Northern Railway (NR), it has been reported that several new relaxations have been granted regarding the option to modify the names of family members on train tickets. This option has been available for a considerable period of time, but the NR has now expanded its policies in this area.

Special instructions have been issued by the railways concerning government departments in this matter. The new rules allow for changes to be made for a variety of individuals, including police and administrative officials, employees on official duty, school and college students, and even members of a baraat.

Discover how to modify the name on a reserved ticket.

In the event that a police officer who has reserved a ticket while on administrative duty is replaced by another officer, changing the name on the ticket will now be a simpler process. Train reservation tickets will soon be made available for passengers without the need for cancellation or rebooking, according to recent reports.

Upon request from school or college administration, student names can also be altered. In a practice commonly known as bulk reservation, individuals make arrangements for a “marriage procession” or pilgrimage. This allows for flexibility in the event that a passenger is unable to participate in the journey, as the name on the ticket can be transferred to another individual.

According to Rekha Sharma, the Senior Divisional Commercial Manager of Northern Railway in Lucknow, it is possible for the Chief Reservation Supervisor (CRS) and In-charge Reservation Supervisor (RS) to change names at stations where there are no gazetted officers.

In a scenario where a passenger is a Government servant and the relevant authority responsible for sanctioning Government tours makes a written request 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the train, it is possible for the reservation made in the name of the Government servant to be transferred to another Government servant on duty. Should it proceed, it will be subject to alteration.

Passengers now have the option to transfer their train reservations to family members such as fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, husbands, or wives. This can be done up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the train.


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