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Ola’s new map may give tough competition to Google

Till now people know Ola as a cab provider. Some people also know it for electric scooters, but a big update is going to happen soon. Users will now also know it as a native map to compete with Google. The company is about to launch its own navigation service. Let’s know its details.

What should you do if you need to know the way to an address? Most folks will pull out their smartphone and use Google Maps to find that spot. This Google Maps habit is enough to convince you of the company’s supremacy in the segment. At the very least, an Android user launches Google Maps.

However, one player has chosen to take on Google Maps. The Indian firm Ola is preparing to deploy its navigation system. If you’ve ever used an Ola scooter, you’ll be familiar with the company’s proprietary navigation system, rather than Google Maps. Although this navigation relies on Map My India data, it will soon be obsolete.

Ola has stated that it intends to complete its navigation system. The company’s CEO, Bhavish Aggarwal, uploaded a message in which the screen-view of the map can be viewed, giving a taste of Ola Maps. Bhavish Aggarwal provided this information on Twitter. The Ola Maps feature is now available on the Ola Electric website. However, it will be added to the company’s other platforms in the near future.

It will be available in Ola electric scooters and Ola taxis in the coming months. GeoSpoc, a provider of geo-analysis solutions, was bought by the corporation in 2021.

Ola purchased this firm in order to develop its next-generation location technology and navigation system. In India, Ola will compete directly with Google Maps.

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