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Panchayat Season 3 Breaks Records with Over 12 Million Views in First Week

After Panchayat S3 was released, TVF did, in fact, dominate the hearts of the audience. Arriving with an abundance of amusement, the show struck a chord with the audience. The show has been trending at the top since its premiere, but its success story didn’t stop there within the first week. With a whopping 12 million+ views, it is currently trending as the most viewed streaming show and movie.

Panchayat season 3 hit 12 Million+ views

TVF Panchayat S3’s creators understood their gratitude on social media with a message that said, “Breaking records and winning hearts!” after the show’s debut week of 12 million+ views, which made it trend at the top of the list of most viewed streaming shows and movies. In just one week, Panchayat 3 garners 12 million views, taking the top rank! I appreciate all of your tremendous love and support. Watch #PanchayatOnPrime right now! “TheViralFever #TVF”

About the show

Panchayat S3 has been showered with affection from all directions. In addition, the program is now surging at the top of the list of the week’s top OTT Originals on the Ormax Stream Track. The show, which was written and directed by Chandan Kumar and features Deepak Kumar Mishra, follows the life of a young Delhi guy who works as a secretary in a Panchayat office in a far-flung Uttar Pradesh village. In addition to Jitendra Kumar, Neena Gupta, and Raghubir Yadav, Biswapati Sarkar, Chandan Roy, and Faisal Malik play prominent parts in the series.

Following the success of Panchayat season 3, viewers are eagerly awaiting the release of Kota Factory season 4, another highly anticipated online series from TVF. While the upcoming season of Kota Factory is already scheduled, TVF is also preparing for Gullak Season 4.

The creators of TVF Panchayat S3 posted a thank you message on social media after the show reached a significant milestone by ranking as the most viewed streaming series and movies with an incredible 12 million views in just the first week.

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