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Panchayat’s Vidhayak Ji Aka Pankaj Jha Trolls Indian Audiences Over Their IQ

The third season of the web series Panchayat released around a week back and it is also getting loved by the audiences just like the first two parts.

In this season, there are many supporting actors who are getting praised for their performances and one of them is Pankaj Jha who played the character of Vidhayak ji in the series. Recently, Pankaj Jha appeared in an interview in which he talked about the series, his role, etc. but during the interview he also took a dig at the IQ of the Indian audiences for making non-actors popular and for worshipping them as well.

He said, “It’s very tough to say who is an actor and who is a non-actor but the one who are non-actors are most popular. The success of these larger-than-life films showcases the IQ of the Indian audiences and it’s pretty evident if you watch Hindi cinema nowadays. Those who cannot even speak properly are stars. They follow the same tried and tested formula every time, and there are more talented people in the industry.”

Here is the link of the interview:

Do you also agree with Vidhayak ji aka Pankaj Jha?

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