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Pankaj Tripathi to sue makers just before Azamgarh’s release

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A film titled ‘Azamgarh’ is set to be published on OTT, but Bollywood star Pankaj Tripathi has filed a legal case against the producer.

Nowadays, there are more scandals in Bollywood than films. It is impossible for a picture to avoid controversy before its debut. This happened recently with the large budget film ‘Pathan,’ and now a debate has erupted over the film ‘Azamgarh,’ which is set to be distributed on OTT. Pankaj Tripathi, a powerful actor in Bollywood, has launched legal action against the producers. The motive for pursuing legal action is also startling.

The trailer for Kamlesh K Mishra’s feature film ‘Azamgarh’ was just released. The film focuses on several true terrorism instances. Pankaj Tripathi appears in the film’s poster and trailer.

Pankaj appears to be a villain, a Maulvi who guides the young down the road of terrorism. Even after working on the project, Pankaj Tripathi is upset that his visage appears more prominently in the teaser and poster. There is a complaint against the usage of his name in the publication. Not only that, but he has filed a police report against the producers and has discussed legal action.

Let us remind you that Pankaj Tripathi shot for a cameo in this film 5 years ago. This film could not be released at that time. Pankaj was then provided no information on the release of ‘Azamgarh’.

In such a scenario, he was taken aback when its ads, trailers, and billboards appeared in front of him. Because he is portrayed as the main figure everywhere. He appeared in the film as a guest star. Pankaj only filmed for the film for three days. Pankaj believes that using his name and face in this manner is inappropriate in this scenario.

Pankaj Tripathi now feels that he does not want such ‘cheap popularity’. Pankaj has also stated that he did not get any compensation for his services on this film. Because he was simply asked to make a cameo. That’s why he doesn’t want the film’s producers to advertise ‘Azamgarh’ using his name.

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