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Parents turn to municipality schools for their children’s education during Covid-19

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The Covid-19 pandemic has caused havoc in the world. Countless people have died and many of those who are left behind are having to struggle to fulfill their daily needs. Businesses have suffered a great finance crisis and many people have become unemployed. These jobless people include the parents who have to pay the annual and other fees to the schools with whatever money they have got so that their children are educated.

One such parent, Sudhir Ahire,  became jobless  during the pandemic last year. In order to avoid paying private school fees, he enrolled his adolescent son and nine-year-old daughter in a municipal school.

The transition from a private to a public school appeared to be difficult at first. He’s happy now with his decision.

Due to poor pupils being denied online classes due to non-payment of tuition, parents who have lost their jobs are forcing their children to quit private schools and enrol in civic and aided schools where education is free.

The BMC’s ten new CBSE schools, as well as one ICSE, have been inundated with applications this year.

Each of the schools in Mumbai has 40 seats ranging from nursery to Class VI.

According to BMC education officer Raju Tadvi, the municipality’s non-state board schools are popular with parents. According to him, the demand for schools is the result of a financial crisis caused by the pandemic. According to the principal of a civic CBSE school, this year they have received applications from middle-class parents seeking admission for their children.

Nitin Dalvi, one of the 28 petitioners who filed a complaint with the Bombay High Court against two private schools for refusing their children online access owing to non-payment of fees, transferred his son to a civic school. Following a court order, the institutions granted the 28 students online access beginning on Friday. 


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