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Political Strategist proves to be very helpful for Candidates in elections  – Nitin Dwivedi

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Nitin Dwivedi has been working as a political strategist and PR consultant since 2013. In Madhya Pradesh, he has worked as a strategist and also done media management for many political candidates in 2013 assembly elections, 2014 Lok Sabha and 2015 civic body elections.

Nitin Dwivedi said, Nowadays, whether there is a celebrity, sports person, political candidate , corporate or social organization, public relation is needed by everyone. Digital marketing and social media management have also become a part of it along with many components of PR. Public relation professionals and agencies have grown rapidly in the Indian corporate world since last two decades and if we talk about Indian politics then in the last decade, there have been more reports of PR agencies being hired by political parties.

If we talk about political candidate, then what kind of conduct is to be done among the public –
Along with proper communication, effective speech, deciding the candidate, conducting a survey or making a manifesto, art of speech and media management play an important role in how to reach your message among as many people as possible, and if there is an attempt to tarnish the image many times by apposition Damage control is done to prevent it or to avoid attempts to tarnish the image, in all these a Strategist proves to be very helpful.


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