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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Political Turmoil Ahead? Supriya Sule Suggests Two Major ‘Blasts’ Coming Soon

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Amid claims that NCP leader (Nationalist Congress Party leader) Ajit Pawar and his party supporters are on the edge of deserting to the BJP, his cousin Supriya Sule anticipated “two big political explosions” in the next 15 days.

“One in Maharashtra and one in Delhi,” Supriya Sule, a prominent NCP MP and the daughter of party head Sharad Pawar, told reporters in response to Prakash Ambedkar’s remark of “big political explosions in 15 days.”

At the same time, her father, Sharad Pawar, dismissed rumours about Ajit Pawar and a conference he purportedly organised to mobilise party MLAs for a switch to the BJP.

Supriya Sule argues that she lives in reality and has no idea what is going on 15 days later, just as she has no idea what is going on now.

Ms Sule is unsure whether Ajit Pawar intends to move over because she is a public representative with a lot of job to perform.

She further stated that Ajit Pawar “works 24 hours a day” and hence does not have time to comment on the reports. Though NCP officials rejected it, Ajit Pawar, an Ex Deputy CM, has yet to respond to rumours that he is organising mass defections to the BJP.

The BJP, which is apparently looking for a partnership to boost its numbers in the state of Maharashtra, said it would “welcome” Ajit Pawar if he defected.

Some MLAs have expressed support for “Ajit dada,” fueling conjecture. Anil Patil paid a visit to Ajit Pawar’s residence and offered his support for Dada. Mr Patil feels that if Dada asks them regarding the BJP rumours, they would talk about it.

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