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Pravaig to become India’s Tesla with new 500-km range luxury EV

Pravaig Dynamics has introduced a luxury electric vehicle, fully made in India. The car has a range of over 500 kms in single charge.

Pravaig Dynamics, based in Bengaluru, has unveiled its first native electric vehicle, which aims to elevate the EV game in India.

Bengaluru-based Pravaig Dynamics has unveiled its first native electric vehicle, which promises to elevate the EV game in India. On Friday, the EV company presented the Extinction MK1 premium electric car, which is entirely produced in India and will go on sale sometime next year.

There are some lofty statements that are bound to raise the brows of some of India’s other EV producers, as well as those from other countries.

Consider the following: An electric automobile with a range of over 500 kilometres on a single charge? The Volkswagen ID.3 can only travel 500 kilometres at the moment.

Tesla’s Model 3 performance variant boasts a single-charge range of 507 kilometres. In India, the EV with the longest range is the Hyundai Kona EV, which has a stated range of 452 kilometres. The MG ZS EV, which has a range of 340 kilometres, is still being upgraded to a range of 500 kilometres. Even the freshly released Mercedes EQC has a range of only 350 kilometres.

And if the battery runs out, Pravaig claims Extinction MK1 can recharge to around 80% in 30 minutes. The car is powered by a 96 kHw battery, which has a maximum power output of 200 hp and a top speed of 196 kmph. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds.

At first glance, the Extinction MK1’s design, which is uncommon on Indian roads, is certain to draw some attention. Some may compare the design to that of the Lucid Air EVs. The coupe-like, futuristic appearance, along with LED bars on the front and rear, distinguishes the automobile from the crowd of other vehicles now on the road.

Stepping inside the Extinction MK1 reveals a spacious interior resembling a lounge.There is enough room inside for passengers to stretch their legs and relax while driving.Rear passengers will also benefit from reclining seats for increased comfort. However, Pravaig has not yet released any interior photographs.

The two-door, four-seater electric vehicle will largely be utilised in commercial fleets on a subscription basis. Pravaig intends to build approximately 250 Extinction MK1 units per year. It will be sold in cities such as Bengaluru and Delhi at first, before the EV company expands its reach.

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