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Producer Sorav Gupta Presses Charges Against Sunny Deol for Cheating and Extortion

Recently, shocking information about to Bollywood actor Sunny Deol has surfaced. Tara Singh of Gadar 2 has been charged with lying and fraud. Bollywood director Sorav Gupta accused the actor of breaking promises and made stunning claims of forgery, extortion, and cheating. According to Sorav Gupta of Sundawn Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., he agreed to pay Rs 4 crore to Sunny Deol to be the lead in his movie in 2016.

What was said by the producer?

According to producer Sorav Gupta, Sunny signed the movie in 2016 and paid him Rs 4 crores in exchange. According to Sorav, he gave an advance of Rs. 1 crore but paid 2.55 crore. However, Sunny did not begin the movie; rather, he began filming Poster Boys (2017).

Sorav went on to say that Sunny had faked an agreement with his company in 2023. “Sunny altered the middle page and raised the cost from 4 crores to 8 crores when we reviewed the agreement. In addition, the profit was cut to just 2 crores, the director claimed.

The producer has reported Sunny Deol to the police for forgery after he abruptly changed the agreement document and raised the payment from 4 to 8 crore.

Moreover, Sunil Darshan charged Sunny

Following Sorav Gupta, Sunny has also been implicated by filmmaker Sunil Darshan. He said that the Gadar 2 star had only paid half of what was required when requesting the rights to distribute his movie Ajay internationally. Social media went crazy as soon as this news was released. Sunny Deol, an actor, has not yet commented on either of these issues.

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