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Shane Watson Praises Virat Kohli For His Mental Strength, Tells How He Performs Consistently

The Indian cricketer Virat Kohli is certainly one of the greatest cricketers of all times and he recently won the Orange cap in the IPL 2024 as he was the highest run-getter in the tournament.

However, his team Royal Challengers Bangalore was not able to make it to the finals but his fans are quite hopeful that Virat Kohli will play in the same manner and help India in winning the second T20 World Cup trophy.

Recently, the former Australian cricketer Shane Watson talked about Virat Kohli, his mental strength and also why the Indian cricketer has been able to produce great innings on a consistent basis.

He started with his experience of working with the players in Delhi Capitals. He said, “The people that I’ve worked with one-on-one, I won’t take names in particular, but just a bit of a knowing that even the high-quality international cricketers that I’ve worked with, like at the Delhi Capitals, for example, just the things that I’ve seen are – one, just their ability to be able to step into each game confidently and knowing what the best version of them looks like, so they’re stepping into that every single time.”

He added, “Then the way they debrief a performance, especially when it’s not a great performance – how they debrief that and just turn their focus then to what they need to do in the lead up or during the next game to be able to bring a better version or give themselves a better chance of having a good performance. So, there’s two people that stand out for me, as I have played with both of these guys.”

Shane Watson talks about Virat Kohli and said, “One is Virat Kohli, who is just so mentally tough. He fully understands how to bring the best version of himself, which is getting in the battle, having his back up against a war where it’s you or me, and he’s fully engaged in every moment of every game. It’s that intensity that he brings to, just about every game, is superhuman.”

He further said, “There’s only really a couple of other people that I’ve played with or played against who had that consistent intensity every moment of every game. So that’s something about Virat, that we’ve seen in this IPL, just how engaged he is. That’s why he’s been able to sustain such high performances for such a long period of time.”

We certainly agree with Shane Watson, what about you?

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