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Randhir Kapoor Admits He’s Been A Bad Dad, Credits Babita For Karisma & Kareena’s Success

The Kapoor sisters – Karisma and Kareena have made a mark for themselves in Bollywood with their hard work and dedication as they have given many wonderful performances in various movies.

Karisma and Kareena are the daughters of actors – Randhir Kapoor and Babita and in an old interview, Randhir Kapoor admitted that it was his wife Babita who played a great role in their daughter’s success and he didn’t help them much.

In an old interview, Randhir Kapoor said, “I am very proud of my two daughters. They had made it on their own streak. Yes, the driving force was Babita, I give full credit to their mother but they have worked very hard.”

He further added, “When they were very small I never imagined that they would turn out to be such big artistes. I had told them exactly what my father (Raj Kapoor) told me, that you want to do it, do it for sure, if it was a bad profession then we ourselves wouldn’t be in it. If we are doing this work, how can we tell you not to do it? But if you are doing it be the best at it. I am very proud to say that my two daughters have worked very hard to achieve the great success that they have without any support from me.”

Randhir Kapoor also called himself a bawla and said that he doesn’t take work seriously because he is happy with what he has and doesn’t want to hustle at this age. He said, “That way I have been a very bad father but then main bawla hoon, everyone knows I am a bit mad. I don’t want to work very hard, I don’t want to work in many pictures, offers still come, I don’t (take them up). I have earned in my life, now my kids earn much more than me, so I am content, we have food and clothes and home, we have everything, so what more do I want, why should I run around morning to night at this age?”

Well, a pretty honest person he is, what do you say?

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