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Ranveer Singh Shot ‘Rakshas’ For 3 Days & Left Movie Abruptly, Is This Professionalism?

The Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh found himself in the center of a controversy after the news of him leaving a movie abruptly after shooting for three days went viral.

As per the reports, Ranveer Singh shot for movie Rakshas for 3 days after which he left abruptly, leaving the makers furious. A source revealed that director Prasanth Varma was thinking of starting another Telugu movie after Hanu-man but he started shooting for Rakshas as Ranveer Singh pursued him to start Rakshas in a very enthusiastic manner.

Earlier it was stated that Prasanth and Ranveer parted ways due to creative differences but the source stated, “Ranveer flew down to shoot with us. Contrary to reports, he didn’t shoot a first-look video with us. He actually shot for the film for three days with us. We packed up happily… The next thing we know he sends us a message saying he would not be able to do the film. No explanation was offered as to why. We were stunned. Making it worse was the fact that someone leaked this news to the Mumbai media. We would have dealt with the crisis discreetly quietly. In Mumbai, they like to create controversy even for unprofessional behaviour. We don’t work that way.”

The source further said that they are told that someone has advised Ranveer not to work in Rakshas. When they were asked about the financial losses, the source stated, “Actually it is not going to be that much. This is the era of Artificial Intelligence. We plan to incorporate Ranveer’s three days of shooting into the film, that is, if he decides not to do our film at all. Yes, we are not blocking out discussions. We are leaving the option of his return open. But we want to ask Ranveer a question: Is this a joke? To opt out of a foolproof commitment?”

Well, if this is the case, it is really highly unprofessional. What is your take in this regard?

Nitin Bhatnagar
Nitin Bhatnagar
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