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Parents support RAO College, Pune, say they have done a good job

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Parents who support RAO College, Pune, say they have done a good job. Rao Pune college has recently been targeted by many for conducting HSC exams.

When the Management of Rao college and Parents came to know about maligning activity, they were shocked. The management has conducted the exam with instructions from the board.
The board’s officials were conducting an exam and even the police were coming to the said place of the exam.

After learning from many sources about the issue, parents have come in support of Rao college and admitted that they will support the College since during the pandemic they conducted proper online lectures and also the Board exams were conducted in a proper way.

The college management is committed to providing quality education.

Also, the management said that it was because the institution was the best and had extraordinary success, it was politically motivated and competitors effort to tarnish the brand image.
The parents in order to address the same have given their signatures.

It’s commendable to see that almost all parents have supported Rao college whereas the claims have been contrary stating that Parents and students have complained. In these types of cases, it’s best to get feedback from students and parents and then take any decision, by Govt of Maharashtra, Education Department and Higher Secondary Maharashtra Board.

However, so it appears that the college has done a reasonably good job of delivering in covid, and there is no truth in blaming the institution for Exam misconduct.

The college is established in June 2018 and from then have produced the best result in Pune, having 100% success and maximum students above 90%. Also, many of the students have also achieved Govt of INDIA scholarship for science graduation studies, this clearly shows that college has achieved an envious position in Pune. The college is built on the principles of Giving quality Education and the same is being adhered to. website: www.raoedu.ac.in


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