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Rashi Roop Laxami: The Tarot Reader, Life Coach & Author Awarded With Women Iconza Award 2022

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There are times when we soak ourselves into negativity as things are not going good on personal or professional fronts and we are also not able to understand what should be our next step in order to achieve success, happiness and satisfaction in our life. This is the time when we need a guide or mentor who can make us realize our true potential and show us the path on which we should walk so that we can experience the joy of living and have a great life.

Rashi Roop Laxami is one of the most famous manifestation and power-performance coaches and she has changed the lives of more than 10K people in the last 15 years. Rashi has been an intuitive person from the very beginning and at the age of 12 when kids used to play ludo, cricket, snakes & ladders, etc., she became an expert in tarot card reading. The beautiful astrologer and life coach is also a highly sought-after speaker at TEDx conference and lives of many people have changed for better after reading the book, “Manifest Your Quest- The Power of You” which has been authored by her.

Rashi Roop Laxami has gone through a lot in her life and her experiences have certainly given her much knowledge which she uses for helping and healing those who are suffering from grief and agony. She helped many people from all walks of life (students, professionals and entrepreneurs) in fulfilling their dreams and achieving their personal and professional goals. This certified coach, consultant and motivational speaker has been honored by many awards and recognitions including Leadership Excellence Award, India Glorious Achievers Award and many others.

Recently, Rashi Roop Laxami was felicitated with Women Iconza Award 2022 for her awe-inspiring contribution to the society by Times Applaud, the global release distribution network which gave it in collaboration with Namaste Bahrain.

Rashi Roop Laxami who is an Intellectual Property Lawyer by profession has been quite passionate about helping people as she is one of those few human beings who have a very soft heart and don’t even like to see strangers in pain and sorrow. She has the ability to see the potential in a person which makes her stand apart from other life, performance and spiritual coaches. This capability plays an important role in enabling her to guide her clients come out of harrowing experiences, decide the limits of their relationships, make breakthroughs in their career and find happiness in every situation or circumstances of their lives.

Rashi Roop Laxami is also providing much needed inspiration, motivation and confidence to her followers and common public through her YouTube channel. She regularly interviews eminent and exemplary personalities on her YouTube channel and gives an insight to her viewers about the struggles faced by the personalities before they could make a mark in this world. Over the time, many people have received motivation through these videos and they have realized that problems, difficulties, etc. are a part of life and the most important thing in this life is to believe in yourself and keep making efforts.

Rashi Roop Laxami believes that every problem has a solution; she leaves no stone unturned in helping her clients and does everything in her capacity to find solution to their problems whether it is related to mental health, addiction, etc.  Her greatest power is her intuition along with her superb understanding of human psychology and she has also equipped herself with various modalities such as tarot card reading, palmistry, angel therapy, merlin, law of attraction and astrology which makes it a little easy for her to fulfill the desire of helping others come true.

Rashi Roop Laxami loves to do yoga and she has been practicing it from the age of 3 yrs. She firmly believes that meditation is the key to good mental and physical health and it also empowers a person in dealing with stress, frustration and anxiety in a better manner. She also heals people through Reiki as it is not difficult for her to connect with individuals in an emotional manner.

This graceful manifestation and success coach has helped many entrepreneurs in achieving desired success in their entrepreneurial journey and she is invited on international platforms for speaking on issues related to her field. Rashi Roop Laxami aims to help many more people and transform their lives using her knowledge so if you are also one of those who feel stuck in the vicious cycle of life, contact her without any delay.

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