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Raunak Singh: The 25 Yrs Old Young Guy From Odisha Is An Inspiration For Many

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The world has gone through very tough times in the past couple of years due to the COVID-19 pandemic which left people devastated as a number of individuals lost their jobs and many lost their loved ones too. At one fell swoop, this is equally true that it will certainly take a good amount of time in things getting back to normal. Though we all suffered during the pandemic in some way, there is no denying the fact that the Indian migrant workers and poor people were the worst affected. 

When the lockdown was announced by the central government in an unprecedented manner, the migrant workers were stuck in different cities and they had no savings to stay in those places for a long time. Many migrant workers decided to leave for their native places but they had no option other than walking on road as all the transportation services were halted. The heart-wrenching visuals of migrant workers on the roads with their families and luggage brought tears in the eyes of many people but there were only few who came forward to do something for helping these poor people and one of them is Raunak Singh, the young boy from Odisha. 

Raunak Singh doesn’t need any introduction as he is a pretty famous name in today’s times but it will be a pleasure for us to tell you more about this 25 yrs old youngster who is highly inspired by the teachings of the Sikh gurus as per which selfless service to the mankind is the best way of worshipping the God. 

Many times, the B.Com graduate Raunak visited the government schools and various societies where he distributed stationery items free of cost. He also met students and motivated them to do something which can make this world a better place to live. 

Raunak Singh wanted to help the poor and needy people and for this purpose, he founded a non-government organization (NGO) known as Sikh Aid. He not only provided food to the migrant workers and their family members but also ensured that they reached their native places safely by arranging buses for them. Initially, Raunak worked as one man army and he used to act as a facilitator between the donors and the needy persons plus he also made donations whenever there was a need to do that. 

The second wave of COVID-19 was more lethal and harmful than the first wave and the situation was so bad that people were not even getting beds in hospitals as the hospitals were fully occupied. What’s worse was that the oxygen supply in many hospitals got over and lives of many patients were at risk. It was then that Raunak Singh emerged as savior for many people and arranged oxygen cylinders and concentrators for the hospitals in Odisha and saved around 10,000 lives.

Raunak Singh is showered with love and affection by the citizens of Cuttack and the whole Odisha for the noble work that he has been doing and people love him as their own son. Many people provide him with donations so that he can keep on doing the good work that he has started.

Now Sikh Aid operates all over India and you can find Raunak Singh and his team helping people wherever there is a natural calamity such as flood, earthquake or any other crisis. Hopefully, many people will learn from Raunak Singh and help him in committing more noble deeds. 

We are really proud of Raunak Singh, especially because he is just 25, when the youngsters of his age are dependent on their parents and are not even able to fulfill their own needs, he is so capable that he is taking care of numerous people whom he doesn’t even know. 

Great Job, Raunak Singh! Keep it up!


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