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Reddit for Bharat: How Kutumb app can help you create over 200 member groups

100 Kutumb, which means “family” in Hindi, is an app that allows users to build groups of over 200 people. The customising feature of this Bengaluru-based firm has allowed over 20,000 active groups on the site.

Building a test group to test your new product and services to holding talks on various personal matters that you may not disclose with everyone – engaged groups have always been vital to people, and they are much more important now. In this vein, the San Francisco-based Discord and Reddit have enabled users to debate things that they may not normally discuss in their immediate circle.

Its disadvantage in India is that it exclusively serves the minority English-speaking population. Most Indian businesses initially test their concepts in WhatsApp groups, which is owned by Meta and serves as a crucial communication channel for around 400 million users in India.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, is better suited for creating friend and family groups and has certain limits.

Former product manager of Pratilipi, a self-publishing platform for regional language writers, Abhishek Kejriwal, recognised this tremendous possibility. He realized that there are no social media apps that allow users to build massive groups. While a few chat applications allow users to establish groups, the number of participants in these groups is restricted and these programmes are not meant to handle bigger ones.”

Abhishek founded Kutumb alongside his former Pratilipi colleagues Vipul Allahwadhi, Naveen Dewangan, and Mohit Sharma to address this issue and cater to the country’s non-English speaking smartphone customers.

The Bengaluru-based community building software allows users to establish groups with over 200 members.

What’s the point of Kutumb?

Deloitte predicts that India will have one billion smartphone users by 2026. With roughly 400 million units sold in 2026, rural demand will grow at a CAGR of 6%, while urban demand will grow at a CAGR of 2.5%. Kutumb, which means “family” in Hindi, works in the same way as Discord or Reddit do.

With this structure, an administrator may distribute vital messages to their sub-group rather than making a public announcement, and monetize by collecting subscription fees ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 5,000. “Group leaders may customise their audience using our tool,” Abhishek explains.

Kutumb has also included a function similar to Discord in which moderators may only add potential participants to these groups via invitation.

The two-year-old firm competes with the communication apps Telegram and WhatsApp. Four leaders decided to utilise the software after presenting it to around 30 towns.

Kutumb’s user base has grown by 15% each month on average since then, with over 20,000 communities participating on the site, including local government entities in rural regions, panchayat office members, and religion-based groups.

Among the states that have shown interest in the company are Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Gujarat, and Bihar. On Google Play, the app has received over one million downloads.

The startup’s iOS app is nearing completion and will be available soon.While app downloads are not a dependable growth statistic because individuals may download the app but never use it, they do provide insight on the app’s popularity.

Primetrace Technologies earned no money from Kutumb as of September 2022. However, it was trying a few methods, including targeted advertising and charging admins who monetize their groups commissions.

On its website, Kutumb says it is a private social network for communities like Reddit for Bharat.

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