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Meet the 5 friends whose startup Refillable Store is reducing plastic usage with reusable containers for home care

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Meet the 5 friends whose startup Refillable Store is reducing plastic usage with reusable containers for home care

Mumbai-based Refillable Store has launched a refill delivery service for personal and home care products. The startup’s initiative will aid in the reduction of waste in landfills and the increased use of reusable containers.

Following COVID, the use of home care products delivered by home delivery service expanded tremendously. The home delivery service increased the amount of single-use plastic generated by each household. Plastic garbage is often disposed of in landfills.

Lokesh Sambhwani, Purav Desai, Rahul Batra, Nishith Jardosh, and Anupriya Nayyar founded Recube Circular Solutions with a group of five friends. The business developed technologies to track reusable products and containers. The Refillable Store has been launched by Recube Circular Solutions, the parent firm.

The goal is to produce reusable containers for home care items.

Earth5R, a social organisation focused on the environment situated in Mumbai, performed a survey. The findings revealed a 47 percent increase in single-use plastics in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Pune.

Initially, the company sold home care items in reusable containers. They used to collect the containers after they were empty. After being collected, the containers were cleaned and sanitised. After that, the containers were replenished. Customers must provide plastic containers and/or glass containers.

Customers can acquire steel containers from the company if none is available at home.

The steel container can then be reused the next time. The reusable containers for household cleaning solutions are of high quality.

During the epidemic, the startup’s approach shifted slightly. Instead of collecting empty containers, the group of pals began replacing them with household cleaning supplies.

The group of friends purchased a Bajaj delivery truck to provide home delivery services and replenish the reusable containers. Customers must contact the business and request products. Their truck arrives in the neighborhood to deliver the goods. The quantity and type of product requested must be mentioned ahead of time.

The entire procedure is straightforward and environmentally friendly. People fear going out, especially around corona. People’s lives have been made easier by home delivery services.

Customers pre-select the number of home care supplies they require. Their firm sells household items such as detergent, hand soap, and cleansers. To supply the raw components, the team collaborated with other brands like as Rossari, Herbal Strategi, and Ecosys.

The customer is welcome to bring any reusable container of their choosing. If the consumer does not have a container, the team can sell them a reusable steel container.

“The things are good and reasonable,” one consumer said. Everything is more convenient for me now that I have a home delivery service.

There is no trash produced, which is beneficial to the environment.”

Another consumer said, “The things are easily delivered at home. I don’t have to go out every time I need something. The project is beneficial to the environment. The things that were supplied were of exceptional quality. I intend to buy only from them.”

Thousands of plastic bottles have been rescued from ending up in landfills thanks to the efforts of the crew. The team intends to broaden its scope of activities and reach out to more people.

In these COIVD times, their home delivery service is making people’s life easier. This project is also good to the environment. Refillable Store wishes to collaborate with larger corporations. The startup intends to broaden its distribution services to a bigger clientele.

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