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Rentio Foods Bags Two Prestigious Awards At Business Leaders Of The Year 2021

Good Food Comes from Good Ingredients. Rentio Foods believes in investing in good nutrition. The enterprise that is serving tirelessly for the past 85 years to offer us premium quality pulses has been bestowed with the title of “Pride of Gujarat” by the state government.

The Beginning

Chairman Shri Vipinchandra Chokhawala enlightens everyone about the heritage aspect of the organisation. Started in 1930’ Rentio Foods is the oldest & revolutionary Indian brand not only in the home state of Gujarat but all over India. The founder Shree Gordhandas Chokhawala deliberately named his business entity Rentio, which in the local Gujarati language means “Charkha”, as he was an ardent follower of Mahatma Gandhi.

He also elucidates that Rentio Foods started with a singular mission to stop its adulteration and any malpractices going in the open pulses market. From its organic manufacturing to packaging without compromising its nutritional value, it has a clear vision to reinstate the authenticity of these legume crops that have had their roots in Asia for more than 3000 years. It ensures that people’s health is not under threat under any circumstance.

All About Rentio Toor Dal

Pulses and legumes, as a vegetarian staple food, has a rich nutrient profile. Among all the pulse, toor dal/ tuvar dal is popular in different cultures and cuisines all through the length and breadth of India. For instance, it is known as pigeon peas in English, arhar dal in Hindi, Turi or Toor in Marathi, Turdalya or tuvar in Gujarati or kandulu or kandi pappu in Telugu or thuvaram paruppu in Tamil, and more, toor dal is an incredible source of proteins, and used in a spectrum of ways. 

Unmatched Benefits Of Rentio Toor Dal:

  • Rich in protein, carbs and other vital nutrients
  • The leaves of the lentils are used to treat bleeding disorders and worm infestation. 
  • It is loaded with folic acid, promotes iron stores,
  • Regular consumption of toor dal helps in regulating blood pressure as it is a rich source of potassium
  • Toor dal is a good source of dietary fibre and helps in your weight loss goals
  • The presence of B-complex vitamins in toor dal stimulate metabolism and uplifts the energy levels.
  • Very good for diabetic patients
  • Needed for normal growth, development and tissue repair.
  • Boost liver health
  • It can be applied as a paste or ointment.

Evolving With Generation’s Changing Nutrition Needs

Unhealthy food behaviours, ignorant of nutritional and balanced dietary habits, are becoming evident in present-day living. The company had not ignored the changing food habits and lifestyle of the present generation. Instead, the organisation has very prudently adopted the altered cultural and social environment.

Be it using the most innovative technology in manufacturing or creating a product catalogue to suit people’s needs, Rentio Foods emerged successfully.

Here is a list of some of the phases the company underwent to become the Most Admired Company Of The Year

  • The company has been engineering the best quality and premium toor dal
  • It also entered into manufacturing grains like juwar, wheat grains, rice.
  • It has also stepped into cattle feeds, especially milky cattle.
  • Most recently, for a busy professional, it has created a category of ready to cook dal loaded with protein.
  • Moved to e-commerce platform so that their best quality products reach every corner of the country.

Rentio foods, as an Indian enterprise, always thrive on giving its best to the country while ensuring that the dietary needs of the young generation are never compromised. 

Website – www.rentiofoods.com


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