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Russian woman sues fast food king for $14 after ending her fast over burger ad

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Frankly I am not a fan of McDonald, but I was shocked to know that a Russian woman has sued the fast food king saying that she broke her fast because of its burger ad.

Ads and pictures of food can tempt any person to cheat on their diet. But you have to have at least some control over yourself so that you don’t break your fast after seeing a junk food ad.

But for Ksenia Ovchinnikova, who claims to be an orthodox Christian, a McDonald’s ad became so drool-worthy, she ended her religious fast.

In her lawsuit, Ovchinnikova has claimed that one of McDonald’s giant banner advertising caused her to end her fast.

She viewed the advertisement, which included a cheeseburger and some Chicken Nuggets, in April 2019, after which she reportedly fasted for a full month.

Ovchinnikova claimed to have fasted successfully for the past 16 years, but the advertisement convinced her to end the fast.

“When I saw an advertising banner — I couldn’t help myself,” Ovchinnikova remarked, adding that she was already a month into her lent fast when she spotted the intriguing poster.

According to her statement, she then went to a McDonald’s and placed an order for the cheeseburger with which she ended her fast.

Ovchinnikova is now taking the fast food king to court for $14.

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