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Saanand Verma: My father’s significant role in my career and life cannot be overstated

Be it the way his life turned out, or his career flourished; actor Saanand Verma regards his father to be a significant factor in the way things have transformed in his life. The actor who has been a part of films like ‘Mardaani’, ‘Raid’, ‘Babli Bouncer’ and OTT show, ‘Apharan’, says that he has learnt so much from his father from a very young age.

“My father’s significant role in my career and life cannot be overstated. He recognised my acting talent and encouraged me to perform. Even though we were poor and he ran a small business, he motivated me to work hard from a young age. He was resourceful, and perhaps that was a blessing in disguise, as it instilled in me a habit of hard work. Despite our poverty, I saw the positive side and worked hard. Because of that, I succeeded,” he says.

He adds, “He viewed our struggles as hidden blessings, shaping my character through the hardships we endured together. His unwavering support taught me the value of hard work and perseverance, which eventually led me to success. My father, always optimistic and content, taught me to remain optimistic and positive in all situations. He emphasized the importance of not letting setbacks deter me and encouraged me to persevere through hard work.”

He says that fathers often face the family’s hurdles on their own. “Fathers are often less expressive and vocal about their own feelings. When family members face stress, it’s usually the head of the family, typically the father, who doesn’t express his concerns openly. He tends to prioritize the well-being of the family over his own. This can lead to a sense of burden and stress, especially if the family members are heavily dependent on him. If the stress continues to mount, it can become overwhelming for both the father and the family members,” he says.

However, he says that it is sad that fathers are not given as much importance when it comes to showing relationships in films and TV shows. “Our films and television often focus more on portraying the emotions of mothers compared to fathers. This is because the entertainment industry tends to capitalize on the dramatic potential inherent in maternal roles and storytelling. As a result, fathers, who may silently endure their struggles and stresses, are often overlooked. This imbalance leads to a greater prominence of mother’s emotions in our films,” he says.

He adds, “However, Anupam Kher’s film Saaransh is something I related strongly to the father’s emotions, a father’s emotions are very strong but they don’t express.And this is perfectly shown in Saaransh.”

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