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Sahen Karamchandani – The next Big Bull of the market

How many times do we think of making new investments? How many times do we succeed in those investments?

Here is a 26 years old young Boy who has taken the financial markets from the scruff of the neck.

Sahen Karamchandani started his equity market career at the age of 16, while pursuing his higher studies at H.R College, Mumbai.

Sahen was a young boy who dreamt of rolling the wall street one day, he knew that if he had to survive in the markets, only random trading was not going to help. He knew that he had to be proficient with his knowledge and expertise in the market.

One will be surprised … at an age where people are busy chilling and have no clue about their career…Sahen on the other hand was running behind his dream with an endless racing track. With his strong fascination for the stock markets, he decided to join a rigorous 3-year course Global Financial Market Professional Program(GFMP) from BSE institute along with his Bachelor’s in Financial Markets at K.C College, Mumbai. This meant Sahen had to dedicate 3-7 pm every day to BSE institute for 3 years after college which use to commence from 7 am to 1.30 pm. Basically, he had to forego all his social life which was the cost to his dreams.

Today, Sahen Karamchandani is one of the youngest successful investors in India. His portfolio comprises right from Mutual funds to Derivative instruments. His mathematical expertise and experience in the field of fund management & equity research have helped him in spotting quick opportunities. With assets under the belt over millions of dollars, growing exponentially every year; Sahen could soon be giving the giants in the financial industry a run for the Business. Despite, being one of the youngest to be handling such a huge volume, he’s highly respected in the industry being a preferred banker for HNI investors like actors and politicians to manage their portfolios. He’s famous for his successful aggressive contra market calls with conviction.

He was one of the few who had spotted the recent turmoil in the market a quarter before it struck. Sahen had predicted a crash from 11400 to 8800 and had even cautioned his friends and investors with the prevailing bubble in the market through his Linkedin handle. He even nailed the recent surge in the markets and informed his investors & friends to buy vigorously through a post suggesting “invest” when the Dow jones was at 21600, rest is History.

Mr. Money Manager sounded extremely optimistic on the future of Indian Indices and said every dip must be used to purchase selective evergreen stocks. “Markets is expected to trade in a range of 13000 to 16000 for next 24 months…while a few unpolished stocks could make you good hefty return. It’s high time, we forget the regret of march lows and start to target the new highs”, Mr. Sahen said.

With respect to the India Economy, Mr. Sahen said “After a harrowing few quarters, we are back on track with a surreal rebound of 0.4% Y-o-Y growth in GDP”. “While this has lead to strong expectations for FY22, one needs to be prepared that the route for future sequential growth can still be bumpy in the near term,” he added.

On the Education front, Mr. Sahen is currently pursuing a Global MBA in Finance from SP Jain School of Global Management and is a full-fledged Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM) accredited from the American Academy of Financial Management. He’s also a qualified Research analyst and Derivative analyst certified by the National Institute of Securities Market. To add to his endless achievements, Sahen is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 1 holder (USA). Apart from these certifications, Sahen has also been 1st in several inter-college competitions along the way such as ‘Bulls of the market’ representing SP Jain school of Global Management in Dubai and ‘Confluence’ representing K.C College in Mumbai.

Mr. Sahen Karamchandani is an inspiration for us all. His story reflects a strong work ethic and also a commitment to work for the better of his clients. To learn more about this inspirational personality, follow his work on social media, and become a part of his large community.

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/sahenkaramchandani


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