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Salt Bae’s restaurant bills a customer Rs. 1.3 crore and boasts, “Quality is never expensive

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Nusr-Et Gokce, a.k.a. “Salt Bae,” a Turkish chef, enjoys stirring up controversy. A customer at his restaurant in The Galleria on Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi received a bill for AED 615,065 (about Rs 1.3 crore), which he just posted on Instagram. To prove a point, Salt Bae was criticized for charging exorbitant pricing.

The well-known “Salt Bae” chef from Turkey, Nusret Gokce, likes a good debate.

The pricing at the Nusr-Et restaurant in Abu Dhabi have gone up a notch since last year, when his London-based business caused controversy due to being too pricey.

AED 615,065 (more than Rs 1.3 crore) was delivered to a patron at the restaurant in The Galleria on Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi, according to a photo that the chef recently posted on social media.

A number of alcoholic beverages were ordered by the customer, including two cases of the priciest wine in the world, the Petrus 2009, and five quantities of Petrus, according to a check dated November 17, 2022.

They were above Rs 1 crore in cost just on their own, and the Value Added Tax (VAT) came to almost Rs 6.5 lakh.

Salt Bae claimed in an Instagram post about the cost that “quality never expensive,” but the statement received criticism for not living up to its boastful nature.

French fries costing $45 per order? Is the moon where the potatoes are grown? Heineken for $55? One user commented, “Hahaha, a 12 pack?

Since the majority of the things requested were simply alcohol, some people questioned the claim regarding quality.

Not only was Salt Bae universally rejected on social media, but many of his disgruntled fans even unfollowed him because of the tweet.

I started following you because I thought you’d be a terrific role model for young people. I came across a self-made, prosperous individual who, although having been impoverished in the past, is now an inspiration to others.

The cost of your mediocre burgers, Nusret, is not this. Guess what? This is the price you pay for living a lavish lifestyle and putting up a show of privilege. The comment stated, “You’re so CHEAP.

Most people will recognize the chef from a meme-making viral video in which he is shown “suavely” salting a steak. The butcher gained the moniker “Salt Bae” when its virality peaked in January 2017.

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