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Sampreeti Yadav, a Patna girl who landed a Rs 1.10-crore package job at Google

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The hiring of Indian students for high-paying foreign jobs makes us extremely proud. One such student from Bihar, Sampreeti Yadav, has now landed a job at Google. 

Sampreeti Yadav, an engineering student from Patna, Bihar, has been won a  salary package of Rs 1.10 crore per year from Google.

Sampreeti, who is from Nehru Nagar in Patna, will begin working for the search engine giant on February 14, 2022.

Her father, Ramashankar Yadav, is a financial institution officer, while her mother, Shashi Prabha, works in the Planning and Development division.

Sampreeti has always been a talented student who has received the top academic honours.
She graduated from Notre Dame Academy in 2014 with a CGPA of 10. After finishing her 12th grade at the International School of Delhi, she qualified for JEE-Mains in 2016.

Sampreeti graduated from Delhi Technological University with a B.Tech in Computer Science in May 2021. Following her graduation, she was approached by four top-tier firms, including Adobe and Flipkart. She chose to work at Microsoft and began working there with an annual salary of Rs 44 lakhs.

Meanwhile, she received a recommendation from Google. The company chose Sampreeti after 9 rounds of interviews and offered her an annual compensation worth Rs 1.10 crore.

Sampreeti said, “Google conducted online interviews in nine rounds at various levels. The company was satisfied with my answers in each round, hence I was chosen.”

When asked how she came in touch with Google, Sampreeti explained that, in addition to college placements, she continued to try on her own.She’d submitted her resume to Google. Her resume piqued the company’s interest, and she was invited for an interview.

When asked what she would do with so much money, Sampreeti mentioned that her job requires her to travel to London, where the cost of living is exorbitant. She will, however, continue to meet her parents’ wishes.

Finally, Sampreeti Yadav believes in consistent hard work toward a goal. She emphasizes that if one continues to work hard, one should not be concerned about obtaining their objective because they will. It’s inspiring to watch how motivated the present generation is to achieve their goals.

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