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Sunday, November 27, 2022

With all his previous predictions accurate. Aksha Khosla Now says Be Strong, stay invested the bull run is going to continue for 5 years to 7 years

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Aksha Khosla who is one of India’s finest derivative expert is known to be result-driven, able to make sound decisions under pressure, and his approach is result oriented , his mathematical excellence and strategies are known to be the best amongst others. That’s the reason why His stockbroking organizations are one of the best in business today.

Today He is just 37 year old and has a monthly turnover of about 2000 Crore handling various HNI and Ultra HNI Clients portfolio

He is Promoter /Founder of Khosla Trade wise Pvt Ltd and leads 11 other companies as well.

In an exclusive interview with us, Aksha Khosla shared his views on the stock market by answering few questions raised by our Team.

Q1:-Your Predictions were accurate with the Sensex touching 18100 and now almost touching 18300 , How do you see the market further?

Ans:- Markets are still to undergo a brief consolidation post that it will touch new heights.

Q2:- We can see a phenomenal increase in hotel stocks For eg Trident Yesterday and few stocks in Financial Sector as well, Specially after your positive recommendation ? Which stocks in this sector are you betting on ?

Ans:-Yes that’s right , My best bet in Hotel Stocks will be Indian Hotel company and for financial sector it would be ICICI Bank for 2022.

Q3:- India has recorded the highest 2.5 Lac Covid Cases today , The market seems to be Covid Proof , Your Comments ?

Ans:-Yes , This time Market is betting on the Omicron covid variant to be a mild one and probably this variant will get the end of the pandemic very soon

Q4:- Your suggestions to the Traders ?

Ans:-My advice to everyone is Be Strong , stay invested , markets are going to reach new heights very soon and the bull run is going to continue for 5 years to 7 years.

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