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Sanchit Batra: the most recognised mentalist in the country

Sanchit Batra is a recognised name when we talk about the world of mentalism and magic in present times. The Delhi-based Comic mentalist has been excellent in inexplicable predictions, mind-reading, and showmanship commonly referred to as a sleight illusionist. His extraordinary talent helps him to demonstrate what appears to be unexpected mind reading, telepathy, and foresight. 

From being invited to perform in corporate events to private parties, weddings, and other social functions, Sanchit Batra is there to entertain guests of different ages and social classes. He knows the kind of stunts that will appeal to the type of audience he is performing for. His ability to connect instantly with the audience personally by reading their minds’ thoughts makes his shows a must-watch. His Mind tricks on the stage are sure to charm and entertain you. On account of a massive turnaround at his events, television journalists like Rajiv Makhani have invited him on his talk shows like Show ‘Gadget Guru 360’ on NDTV to learn about his familiarity with Magic and how he connects with the audience at such a personal level and also he has been featured by News24 in the show named as ‘Rehesaya.’  

Recently, the media got a chance to speak to Sanchit Batra at the corporate event organised by Cloud 9 events to celebrate the 19th Anniversary and the achievement of the Rs 220 crore target of the Catalyst group. The Sleight illusionist said, “Magic when combined with different psychological principles is what a real illusion is all about. I am an artist who can distort your perceptions through misdirection and strong use of mind tricks developed myself. the outcome that comes in front of a large group of audience is for entertaining people.” He further stated that as an Illusionist, he has developed his tricks and illusions through practice and mastering the art of psychology. The skill helps him play with someone’s psyche. On the other hand, Sanchit Batra relies on the theory of utilising one’s body language and the science of psychology to predict and suggest actions.

Sanchit Batra, aka sleight illusionist, is a talented magician who has been acclaimed internationally for displaying unimaginable illusions on the stage. He blends the creativity, crafts customised acts, and innovation to showcase numerous corporate brands with their messages and core values with interactive performance. Among his popular hand magic tricks is the one where during the act, he would somehow show the corporate logo of your business for an extensive promotion nationally and worldwide. Moreover, the professional illusionist has an uncanny ability to adjust to situations where things don’t go your way. Still, his job is to make the show go on, whether he builds up unexpected moments of situational humour to encourage his audience to be active participants.

Sanchit Batra has taken Magic to a new level in the country. The man has proven in a short period with his performances why he is the most sought-after mentalists cum entertainer in the country. The way he brings excitement, joy, and thrill to a gathering of a few people to lakhs of the audience in a few minutes is just mind-blowing!


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