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Sandip Diwate founder of Realix – A Journey to Success

Tales of success amidst severe struggles are always motivating, and inspiring people to face challenges. People often curse their economic situation for their failures but there are few among them who fight against tough times and come out winning. Sandip Diwate founder of Realix, is one of those who had overcome his struggles, changed them into opportunities and made his difficult journey look effortless. He wanted to become job creators instead of job-seekers. His journey to success was not easy. From a limited resource income group family, he rouse to success. He made his difficult journey look effortless

Early life

Sandip was among many of thosewho were born in one of a large number of lower-working class families who carry on with a resource less yet dreamful life. His family included four sisters, his bus conductor father, and his mom. The family’s salary didn’t permit a favoured way of life to Sandeep. It was distinctly with tremendous troubles, that he managed to get his chemical engineering degree. It would take away all his family’s earning. His sister needed to forgo her own studies and career and so that to help her mom to make and sell sweet boxes to procure additional cash for Sandip’s education. All through his student life, Sandip got the opportunity to make numerous friends who belonged to rich families and frequently got uneasy seeing the distinction in their ways of life. He grew up with the inferiority complex of being the poor-one among other rich companions.

The Start-up

Sandeep decided to do a distant learning management course after finishing chemical engineering. He enrolled himself with symbiosis Institute. He also took up a job in order to support his educations. In the year 2005, he completed his Master’s degree and joined the 3M Company. Till 2010 he served at 3M working in various positions but he still wanted to do something of his own. He left his job in 2010 and started to plan for his own business enterprise setup. He had some savings to support him for 7 and 8 months off survival. He gathered the courage to become an entrepreneur by himself and hence he formed a firm named Realix industries.

Path to Success

Sandeep gathered a good amount of experience working in the company 3M. He had good knowledge of products like road safety systems. He started manufacturing quality thermoplastic road marking paints and got much high profile Lane marking highway projects Sandeep had a great communication skill and experience along with his chemical engineering background made him grow his company in the very first few years of establishment. Along with a common friend, he started a new venture Enviro Safety, which offered industrial automation, wireless and telecommunication integrations systems. They also did innovative products based on Artificial Intelligence. In no time their venture too off with a speed and they grabbed high profile contracts like BPCL, RIL, HPCL, ONGC, etc.

In 2014 Sandip entered the international market in the UK. This overseas wing helped international clients to benefit their services at a decent cost, and also gave Realix access to international technology and resources.

Present Scenario

Currently, Realix Group led the way by Sandip Diwate is amongst the largely accomplished and adaptable 4G enabled AI equipment making companies. Realix devices help businesses to achieve digital transformation and facilitate the smarter and productive use of technology in various procedures. The company also has a very strong presence in the road transport sector in India through App developed solely for automating processes and new vehicle registrations at Regional transport offices. From being the son of a bus conductor and growing up in a lower-middle-class family, these achievements are nothing but an outstanding and inspiring journey. Motivation for many aspiring entrepreneurs.


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