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Shainaaz Samnani honored with Trendsetter 2022 award for excellence in media and entertainment education

Women are increasingly being honored and recognized for their hard work, and remarkable achievements in the field of education. Miss Shainaaz M. Samnani is one such person, who is known for her excellence in media and entertainment education for more than 20 years. Miss Shainaaz Samnani has hence been honored with the Trendsetter 2022 award by Times Applaud, a top media and public relations organization.

During a mega-event held recently in Mumbai, the Honorable Governor of Maharashtra, Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari bestowed the Trendsetter 2022 award to Miss Shainaaz Samnani, who jointly founded RS Infotech, serves as the managing director of Arena Animation Thane. 

We all have a need to be appreciated, which is satisfied when we are rewarded. This also inspires others to put forth their best efforts in order to develop or achieve something worthwhile for the world. Women have made enormous accomplishments in every sector and deserve to be recognised for their contributions to society. Times Applaud understands this need for recognition. Hence, it organises the Trendsetter award event each year to honor leaders in numerous fields for their useful expertise and delivery of quality, outstanding services to society.

The Trendsetter 2022 award ceremony was hosted by Times Applaud to celebrate, acknowledge, and commend personalities like Miss Shainaaz Samnani for their exceptional role as trendsetters in various industries.

The road to the top was not easy, but Miss Shainaaz Samnani made her mark and became a recognizable figure guiding pupils on the right path to success. She has been advising and preparing young brains for the future.  She  has been a guiding light for many great individuals that she has nurtured and who are now working in a variety of fields. Her students have worked in the animation film, advertising, film production, visual effects department, print and publishing industries, and on national and international projects.

Countless people have become industry professionals and entrepreneurs thanks to the mentoring of  Miss Shainaaz Samnani. Her tremendous partnership with the media and entertainment industries in India and beyond in supporting students in obtaining their dream jobs has been phenomenal. You can tell that by the number of years she’s been doing this. Countless students have found success under the tutelage of  Miss Shainaaz Samnani.

People who know Miss Shainaaz Samnani describe her as a go-getter who has boundless enthusiasm. She began working and gained experience through self-learning and hard labour. She is tremendously self-motivated and is always willing to assist her team in reaching new heights.

Even after the many achievements she has made, She remains humble and down-to-earth. She feels that every moment counts, and she is a firm believer in teamwork and joint efforts. Media and entertainment, a field that is continuously growing, attracts young minds who need proper guidance and training to achieve success in the industry. If you want to build a successful career in the media and entertainment industry you should train with the highly skilled staff of Miss Shainaaz Samnani. 

She took the initiative of starting the yearly festival called as LAKSH at Thane Arena to enhance the creative side of the students followed by parents meet.  During her tenure Arena Animation Thane won 8 Awards for creative participation in Film Festivals and Competitions. During the lockdown, which began in March 2020, more than 200 Arena Animation students were placed in different jobs at various businesses.

Arena Animation Thane, where She serves as managing director, has been contributing to the artistic and professional growth of individuals by bringing together well-trained teachers to teach, inspire, motivate, and pass on their knowledge to students. The institute helps its students achieve their goals in graphic arts, animation, and multimedia by supporting their holistic growth.

Courses and teaching style are created in a well-structured atmosphere with cutting-edge infrastructure for students to pursue an intriguing career in VFx & Animation right after class 10 SSC and 12 HSC without interfering with their other courses.  Arena Animation assists students in pursuing jobs in creative disciplines such as animation, visual effects (VFX), web design and graphics, broadcast, digital design and advertising, and multimedia.

She is a dedicated and honest team player and the Trendsetter 2022 award that she has won is a matter of pride for Arena Animation Thane.

She has now become an excellent role model for women’s empowerment and truly deserves the Trendsetter 2022 award, which she received at Governor’s House Raj Bhavan in Malabar Hill, Mumbai,  on February 24, 2022.

We wish Miss Shainaaz Samnani all the best for her future endeavors in the field of media and entertainment education. Website – www.arenathane.com


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