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Shashikala Chaurasia’s Youtuble cooking channel helped her gain popularity at the age of 50

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Youtube has opened avenues for countless people to earn and become famous. Shashikala Chaurasia’s Youtuble cooking channel helped her gain popularity at the age of 50.

Rakhwa village in Uttar Pradesh is one of the poorest areas in the country, with low agricultural productivity and inadequate infrastructure. However, the arrival of 4G internet in this tiny community in 2016 opened up chances for young and elderly alike, lessening the population’s socioeconomic difference.

Shashikala Chaurasia, who is 50 years old now, is a prime illustration of the phenomena. Her YouTube video of traditional cuisine recipes has millions of subscribers, making her a star in her own right.

Shashikala says, women her age have limited access to technology and cannot do more than household work and looking after their family.

Shashikala claims she spent nearly 30 years of her life caring for her three sons, Chandan, Suraj, and Pankaj.” However, the emergence of low-cost 4G internet transformed her destiny.

Shashikala’s eldest son Chandan says, “In 2016, a mobile brand’s internet dongles were introduced and started trending in our village. Some of my friends became bloggers, while others grew fascinated with social media. I searched some food channels on YouTube and found a few food bloggers and people who shared recipes.” Shashikala is recognised for preparing delicacies and lip-smacking meals that everyone in the family appreciates. So I chose to trust the premise.”

The 29-year-old engineer then discussed the concept with his other two siblings and they agreed to give it a shot. It was then that Chandan started a YouTube channel called ‘Amma Ki Thali.’

On November 1, 2017, Shashikala’s boys recorded and released a video of her creating boondi kheer, a delicious delicacy. However, to their dismay, only a few viewers watched the video. Despite this, the siblings continued to create videos.

The family members eventually agreed to upload a mango pickle recipe video in May 2018. “So we decided to post a video of our mother’s mango pickle recipe,” he explains. My mother made the one-of-a-kind pickle with jaggery. To their surprise, the video received thousands of views within hours. There has been no turning back since.The view count is currently at 26 million and growing.

Shashikala’s channel now has 1.7 million subscribers and 262 million video views every month, earning her Rs 70,000 per month.

Their subscribers come from all over the world, including Pakistan, Fiji, the United States, Dubai, and others.

“Our most-viewed video is sooji ke gulab jamun, a dessert with 50 million views. Our rasgulla video, which has 41 million views, has the second-highest viewership,” Chandan explains.

According to Chandan, their channel videos are popular because they are simple to follow. He said Shashikala cooks with whatever ingredients she has on hand.

She uses basic, plain language that our audience can understand. And her foods taste like they were created by a granny.

He says, you can see this from the comment section where people write how Shashikala’s culinary technique remind them of their mother or grandmother.

The siblings have shared the tasks of their business over the years. The scope of the project has grown, and Chandan is now in charge of the technical components of the shoot. Suraj edits the footage after Pankaj captures them. However, the revenues from the channel are deposited into Shasikala’s bank account.


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