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Sheetal Shaparia: The Famous Indian Occultist Who Is Also An Expert In Wine Reading

Human beings have always been inquisitive about their future and they use various occult sciences and arts such as astrology, numerology, tarot card, runes reading, etc in order to get an insight about what their future holds. But who would have thought that wine which is an alcoholic drink can also help us in knowing our future. Wine reading which is also referred to as Oinomancy is known to very few Indians.

Sheetal Shaparia from Mumbai is the only Indian who holds expertise in wine reading and second in the world who has the ability to depict the future. Wine reading dates back to ancient Rome and Greece when wine was offered to the Gods for seeking their blessings. Dionysus, the Greek God of merry-making was associated with wine in the ancient times and in Rome, Bacchus was the God of wine and divine frenzy. Traditionally, the priestess Bacchante used to perform wine reading in the Roman mythology.              

In the process of wine reading, the seeker has to drink the red wine and the leftover or the residue is then dropped on the blotting paper or the absorbent cloth. That paper or cloth is boiled by the diviner and the patterns created on the paper or the cloth are then studied and interpreted by the occultist.

Sheetal Shaparia who has been practicing wine reading for quite some time now states that wine reading is psychic revelation and it is little more difficult than coffee reading because in wine reading, there is mostly one image to study, sometimes there can be two or three but not more than that because of which the seeker needs to be pretty much focused in regard to what he wants to know.

Sheetal Shaparia is a leading astrologer, emotional wellness coach and spiritual therapist of the country. Other than wine reading she is also an expert in many other modalities such as IChing, Runes, Coffee Cup Reading, Tea Cup Reading, Beer Glass Reading, Numerology, Dream Interpretation, Tarot Card Reading, Crystal Reading, Vastu Shastra, Color Reading & Therapy, Candle Therapy, Drawing Analysis and Feng Shui.

She belongs to a well-known business family of South and she has been endowed with special powers since her childhood as she used to see a dream as per which she is a true disciple of Hindu God Shiva and lives in Delhi. As she grew, her dreams started getting more specific and then she also began to see visuals of those incidents which were supposed to happen in future but sometimes such visuals were so clear that she was also able to tell the correct time and place. Things were quite difficult for her to handle as she was just a young kid at that time, though her parents did everything in their capacity to ensure that their daughter at least got peaceful and proper sleep. However, things didn’t get well until she met a Jain saint on her 13th birthday who guided her by telling her to indulge in meditation and use her powers for helping others. Sheetal Shaparia’s interest in Occult sciences increased with time and she pursued courses related to them in the best universities of the world.

Sheetal has been helping people in solving their problems since 1998 and her client list comprises of some eminent personalities and VVIPs. She writes columns and articles in many magazines including Cosmopolitan, Times of India, Grazia, Femina, Mumbai Mirror, Pune Mirror, Indian Express, The Pioneer, etc. and her videos related to astrology can be viewed at DTH operator Tata Sky. Sheetal Shaparia has been awarded with various awards and recognitions such as ET Award, NDTV award, etc.

What makes her different from other astrologers of the country is the fact that she is an expert in many arts which helps her in understanding the problems of her clients in an effective manner and because of the same, she provides pretty accurate results.

Don’t delay in contacting Sheetal Shaparia if you want to try wine reading and gain an insight into your future regarding the professional or personal aspects. Website:sheetalshaparia.com


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