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Shehnaaz Gill’s Traditional Look at Recent Film Release Highlights the Beauty Of Indian Ethnic Fashion

From donning the gorgeous six yards at Filmfare, where she looked nothing less than a goddess, to her yellow lehenga to the red sharara set, Shehnaaz Gill always makes her fans go gaga over her outfit choices.

Bollywood stars are frequently sighted especially young divas adorning themselves in traditional attire on various occasions. Popular TV and film actress Shehnaaz Gill was recently spotted flaunting her desi style fiercely in an ivory salwar suit. She was looking gorgeous and a true fashionista in this traditional, chic, and modern outfit. This is not the first time the diva was seen in Indian ethnic wear. Her looks are always the talk of the town wherever she chooses her outfit.

Young celebrities like Shehnaaz, Suhana Khan, Kiara, and Ananya Pandey, are becoming brand ambassadors, and contributing to the revival of Indian ethnic wear among Genzie. This buzz around Indian ethnic wear is on the rise due to several reasons that highlight its timeless appeal and cultural significance.

Fashion Evolution: Indian ethnic wear is seeing a significant evolution. The ethnic outfits are being re-interpreted and re-energised by a new wave of fashion fans. Gen Z designers are blending traditional elements with modern styles and trends. Celebrities are often seen sporting contemporary versions of classic Indian attire, making it more accessible and appealing to a wider audience.

Sense of Pride: Famous personalities wearing Indian ethnic wear showcase a sense of pride in their cultural heritage. They want to be seen as the embodiment of traditional, conventional and ‘feminine’ beauty. The spotlight on spotlight on Indian ethnic wear grows further when these celebrities showcase designer ensembles during wedding and festive seasons, setting trends for bridal and festive fashion.

Celebration of Diversity: Each region of India has its unique style and design. Our rich cultural diversity is reflected in its ethnic wear.  Celebrities like Shehnaaz have many times showcased this diversity through her attires which have contributed to a celebration of India’s cultural medley.

Endorses local craftmanship– The traditional handwork, complex designs, and age-old techniques that are unique to Indian textiles and garments are getting mainstream.

International Recognition: Indian ethnic wear has gained global recognition and appreciation, thanks to famous designers & celebrities who are making and donning these outfits at global platforms such as red-carpet events like the Oscars, Cannes film festivals, and fashion shows. This exposure has elevated the status of Indian fashion on the global stage.

Social media: The rise of social media has improved the visibility of celebrities wearing Indian ethnic wear. Their fashion choices, captured in photos and videos, quickly become trends and inspiration for fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

The influence of celebrities in shaping fashion trends and cultural narratives in the modern-day Indian fashion landscape is immense.


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