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Shivam Soni offers Rs.10 meals to the needy after his restaurant shut down

Shivam Soni runs ‘Hunger Langar’, which provides meals to the needy for only Rs 10. Shivam ran a restaurant which he had to shut down as he suffered from a skin disease.

Shivam Soni, who was born in Madhya Pradesh, has already faced a lifetime’s worth of challenges, including a massive financial loss, a serious skin problem, fighting to remain afloat amid a global epidemic, and contemplating suicide.

Shivam, who owned a restaurant, was diagnosed with psoriasis, a skin disorder that creates red and itchy scaly patches, in 2018. This sickness prevented him from working, and he was forced to close his firm. Debts accumulated to a hefty Rs 18 lakh.

He rushed away from home to Indore, leaving just a message for his family, and spent a long time surviving on a half-empty stomach on the roadways. He realized the true worth of food here. That is how Hunger Langar came to be.

Shivam sells meals for Rs 10 and occasionally gives them out for free to those in need through Hunger Langar. He recalls, “I spent nights without food and battled for each meal. I would never wish this hardship on anybody else.”


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