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Shocking: Woman Discloses Her Salary Higher Than Startup’s Pre-Seed Funding, Stuns Founder

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A software engineer’s brutally honest reaction surprised Roshan Patel, CEO and founder of healthcare startup Walnut, when he contacted out to see if she would be interested in working for their firm. In fact, he was so taken aback by it that over two years later, he is still reflecting on it.

The software engineer was frank in her explanation of why she is not interested in working for Patel’s business. Her direct answer is currently trending on Twitter.

The trade in issue took place in September 2021, not long after Walnut had completed a pre-seed round of investment. As soon as he began hiring for his firm, founder and CEO Roshan Patel started contacting prospective employees.

During the process, he got in touch with the concerned software developer and let him know that his firm was trying to employ skilled programmers to make healthcare more accessible by lowering the cost of treatment. He continued by saying that a pre-seed round had also been raised. The engineer shocked Patel by telling her that her present CTC is more than Walnut’s pre-seed round.

Patel shared a snapshot of the interaction, in which the engineer’s identity has been obscured to preserve privacy, and stated that he is still reflecting on it two years later. Over 2.4 million people have seen the tweet on social media, and many people found it amusing.

Walnut, a business in New York, has earned $113.6M in capital overall across four rounds. In April 2021, the firm Walnut had raised $3.6mn.

Taushif Patel
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